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The year, make and model info would help.

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Q: Why does my back wheel lock up when the car is in reverse?
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The key will not turn in your car?

Steering wheel may need to be jiggled back & forth to release lock if there is pressure on the wheel of the lock cylinder may be worn to the point of needing replacement.

Are there back brakes on a front wheel drive car?

yes there are..they will be either standard or anti lock brakes.It depends on what kind of brakes are on the front of your car.

Why does my ignition lock on a Caravan?

When you get out the car are you hittin the steerin wheel? if your are that's what nmakes it lock. it does it on evey car and to unlock it press on the break and turn the wheel to the right and left.

If you turn the steering wheel to the right while in reverse the rear of the car will?

Turn the steering wheel right to turn right in reverse.

If you turn the steering wheel to the right while in reverse, the rear of the car will?

The rear of the car will always go in the direction that you turned the wheel if you are in reverse. It's just like driving forward. If you want to go forward and right, turn the wheel to the right. If you are in reverse and want the rear of the car to move to the right, then turn the wheel to the right. To answer your question directly, the rear of the car will go to the right.

What size socket to remove wheel lock on car?


Is it recommended to lock your car steering wheel?

Yes it is sensible.

How do you lock espace doors manully?

Use the central locking button inside car, then get out of passenger side and use key in lock. Reverse process to get back in. Be careful if battery is low as alarm can go off.

The ignition on your car is stuck and you can not start your car?

Is the steering lock on? Jiggle the wheel when you turn the key.

Right rear wheel is locked?

Could possibly be your drum or caliper seized. In any case try rocking your car back and forth. Shift in drive and reverse to rock the car

Why you see that the wheel of a car moving reverse while the car moving forward?

That is what is called an optical illusion.

what happen when you put a car in reverse gear?

the car goes back