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It will go faster because if you have a small/non-steep ramp the car will go slow and the ending point wont be that far, but if you have a ramp that is bigger/steeper the car will go faster and the ending point will be far.

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Q: Why does a car go faster if a ramp is steeper?
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How will the angle of the ramp affect the speed of the marble?

if its steeper it'll go faster

What would make a toy car go down a ramp faster?

-- Steeper ramp.-- Lower friction in the wheel and axle bearings of the car.-- Better aerodynamic streamlining of the shape of the car.-- Make the car of iron and conceal a large magnet at the bottom of the ramp.

A cart is rolling down a ramp if the angle of the ramp is increased to make the ramp steeper the cart will do what?

The cart will go faster if the angle increases.

How does the angle of a ramp affect the distance a toy car will travel?

the steeper the ramp, the farther the car goes. if your ramp is flatter, it won't go as far.

How do you make a club car go faster?

get a steeper hill

Does a car go faster or slower down a ramp?

Generally, the car should go faster.

Why does a car go faster on a steep ramp?


If a toy car has weight added to it and then sent down a ramp will it go slower or faster?

If the toy car's ramp is on 45 degrees and if the toy car is put on some weight, the toy car will go faster because it goes faster, which makes the car go further.

Would a toy car go faster or slower down a ramp with sandpaper compared to a ramp with no sandpaper?

Sand paper causes FRICTION...which makes the car go slower. So a toy car would go faster down a ramp with no sand paper.

How will the angle of a ramp affect the speed of a car going down it?

The larger the angle of the ramp, the faster the car will go down it.

Why does the distance of a toy car increase when the height of the ramp is increased?

The car experiences greater acceleration from a steeper incline (i.e. you added energy to the system by raising the ramp). The car can then go further due to the increased force (F=ma).

If a toy car is being pushed down the ramp if you put sandpaper on the ramp does this make the car go faster or slower?

Slower, due to increased friction.

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