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You probably have worn steering and suspension parts causing the front end to be out of alignment.

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Q: Why do the inside front tires ware faster on your fore wheel drive truck?
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Do tires on the front wear out faster than the back?

Only on a front wheel drive vehicle. On a rear wheel drive the rear tires wear faster. rotate your tires every 10,000 miles and they will wear evenly.

Do front or rear tires wear out faster on a rear-wheel drive car?


Do the front tires on a car wear faster than the back ones?

will it depends, if you have more than 5 girls/guys in the trunk, then no, cause it out wights theengine and makes the car have lean on the back, making the front tires wear-out slower than the rear, but also you have toconsiderif its 4x4 or front-drive or rear-drive, if front-drive then yes it wears faster, and if rear-drive no slower,that'sspeaking if u have exactly 5 girls/guys in the trunk.

Are both front tires power tires?

If the vehicle is front wheel drive, yes.

What is camber?

Camber is the Angle of which your front wheels are to the frame. Your front wheels are not on a 90 degree angle to the frame, this is done to make the vehicle drive straight. To much +/- camber will wear tires on the inside/outside faster than the rest of a tire. If this is happening, you need an alignment.

Why does i10 back tires finishes faster than front tire and why does tear and wear occur to inner side of back tires?

Your question is very confusing. First off I do not know what you mean by finishes faster nor what an i10 tire is. I am going to try so I assume you mean the rear tire wears our faster than the front tire. If your car is a rear wheel drive the rear drive tires will wear faster than the non-drive tires. Also if the tire is wearing on the inner side that means that your car needs an alignment. Take the car to a tire shop and have a 4 wheel alignment.

What does it mean when both front tires spin but the back tires dont?

Probably means you have a "front wheel" drive car....your front tires are what make your car go, not the back. I have front wheel drive on my car and once on a rainy front wheels spun out taking off from a stop sign...wierd! I hate front wheel drive cars!

Why does a 2001 sportsmen have 12 tires on the front and only 10 tires on the back?

to go faster and 10 tires they dont help

When driving in snow you should always put the chains on which tires?

The powered tires. On a front wheel drive car, the front wheels. On rear wheel drive, the rear wheels.

Is 1999 vw front wheel or rear wheel drive?

Just peel out and see which tires spin! I'll save you the wear on your tires, it's front wheel drive.

Which tire on your car wears out first if you dont rotate your tires?

more than likely, its the front tires if a front wheel drive.

Why do the front tires on a car wear faster than the back tires?

Because they are used for steering and get more wear.