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Only on a front wheel drive vehicle. On a rear wheel drive the rear tires wear faster. rotate your tires every 10,000 miles and they will wear evenly.

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Q: Do tires on the front wear out faster than the back?
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Why do the front tires on a car wear faster than the back tires?

Because they are used for steering and get more wear.

Do the front tires on a car wear faster than the back ones?

will it depends, if you have more than 5 girls/guys in the trunk, then no, cause it out wights theengine and makes the car have lean on the back, making the front tires wear-out slower than the rear, but also you have toconsiderif its 4x4 or front-drive or rear-drive, if front-drive then yes it wears faster, and if rear-drive no slower,that'sspeaking if u have exactly 5 girls/guys in the trunk.

Does hair grow faster in the back than the front?

Yes,the back is faster!

Why does i10 back tires finishes faster than front tire and why does tear and wear occur to inner side of back tires?

Your question is very confusing. First off I do not know what you mean by finishes faster nor what an i10 tire is. I am going to try so I assume you mean the rear tire wears our faster than the front tire. If your car is a rear wheel drive the rear drive tires will wear faster than the non-drive tires. Also if the tire is wearing on the inner side that means that your car needs an alignment. Take the car to a tire shop and have a 4 wheel alignment.

Are new tires faster than old tires in Nascar?

Yes the new tires are faster and do not slip.

Why doesn't the front cart of a rollarcoster go faster than the back car?

It cant. They are connected. If the front car moved faster than the back car it would pull away from the back car.

Why are your front tires always low on air?

Front tyres wear faster on FWDs and with understeer, more worn tires will be more permeable to air. In fact unless you like doing heaps of fishys, doughys and burnouts, your tyres will wear faster than the front in any well balanced car.

Is the front of a car heavier than the back?

The engine and other components are at the front of a vehicle. This makes the front heavier and is why tires wear quicker in front.

How do you drive a 1973 vw bug?

With pride, glee, and 10PSI more air in the back tires than in the front. The air part is the most important - because the engine is hanging off the back of the car, control is gained by putting more tire in the back than in the front. You can either put wider tires back there, like Porsche and Lamborghini do, or blow up the tires harder.

Why would the front tires be wearing out much faster than the back tires also its an uneven wear mostly on outside of front tires?

You need an alignment to ajust your camber most vehicles wear the inside of the tire on the front and middle of the tire on the rear. Rotating your tire after a proper alignment every 9000 to 12000 mile will inprove your tire life. Four wheel alignment should cost $65 to $100 front wheel 50 to 85.

What is the best way to rotate tires when the rear tires are wider than the front ones?

You cannot rotate tires on a vehicle when the rear tires are wider than the front. They must stay where they are,

Why the rear tires of tractor is bigger than the front tires?

for traction