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In all actuality, you both were. But it'll be a matter of haggling between the two insurance companies.

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Q: Who is liable if you left your front car opened while you were parked at apartment complex and not near your car and someone comes by and hits itI was blocking the other lane with your open door?
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Your motorcycle was stolen from your apartment and you have no insurancethe apartment has some responsability?

More than likely, the apartment complex will not be liable. This is probably stated in some paper work signed when moving in.Ê

i have a renter and he is in the process of buying a new car..he asked me if he could use this address when geting car insurance. my question is if he were to get into an accident, would i in any way be liable with him using this address?

No you can not be liable for him using the address. It's just like when someone lives in an apartment complex if a tentant is involved in an accident the apartment complex is not at fault. His name is on the car title and on the policy. If he is the person driving then he would be the person responsible.

Who is liable if a resident of an apartment complex car was damaged by the apartments pool furniture during a storm?

You are. That's why you have car insurance.

Who is liable If a resident of an apartment complex damages their car while parking in the tenant's apartment parking area due to a broken concrete tire block with rebar sticking out?

The Apt. comp. is responsible!!!!!

Who is liable if a tree falls on your car at an apartment complex?

Fortunately, In the United States at least, no one is held liable for acts of nature. Your auto Insurance will, if you have comprehensive coverage for acts of nature cover the damage to your car.

Who is liable in the state of California for a the tree branch lands on your car while parked on the property of your apartment complex?

Your landlord's insurance should take care of it. Legally your landlord is liable as they own the tree and supposedly should have had it checked and trimmed to prevent that.

How does cosigning for an apartment effect me?

If you are signing for someone and they pay late it goes on your credit report as a late pay. Also if the person can not pay the rent you are liable to.

Is an apartment complex liable for injuries that happen on their property?

Possibly. It depends whose fault it was. If the roof fell on the tenant's dog because of termite damage, the landlord is at fault. If the tenant fell off the roof while drunk, probably not.

Are you liable if someone gets hurt on your property when playing paintball in nc?

You liable if someone gets hurt on your property no matter what.

If someone dies from alcohol poisoning after leaving your party are you liable?

You could be liable yes.

Are you still liable if you cosign on an apartment and someone moves out and someone else moves in?

If you co-sign you are always responsible (even if the person claims bankruptcy you will still be responsible) unless you have a legal agreement that someone else will be taking over the payments for you. If you are talking about a roommate situation, the apartments usually have something called a "roommate" agreement. Ask the apartment. Co-signing for something that can't be used as collateral is always bad.

Am I liable if anything happens to someone living in my property rent free?

Yes you will remain liable