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It's never the dog's fault.

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2014-03-09 07:37:45
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Q: Who is at fault in a car accident involving a dog?
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Will your insurance pay if you swerved to avoid a dog?

yes, but even if only your car was damaged, you could be charged with an at-fault accident even if you didn't get a ticket.

Who's at fault when you hit a dog with your car?

If the dog is on the road when you hit it, it's the dogs owner fault (the dog should bave been restrained).

Is WWE junkyard dog dead?

he died in a car accident.

What do paramedics do at the scene of an road traffic accident if there is a dog in the car?


What will happen to your dog if you are in an automobile accident with the dog in the car?

Well, it depends on the accident, and where the dog is at in the car. If the accident isn't that bad, like maybe just a little bump or scratch against another car, the dog probably wouldn't be hurt. But if the accident is really bad, like actually crashing into something really hard, your dog could get hurt, depending on where it's at. If most of the damage was done to the front of the car, and the dog was sitting in the back, it probably (hopefully) wouldn't get hurt to bad, probably just a little shaken up.

What happened on Dog And Beths wedding day?

dogs daughter died in a car accident

How did dog the bounty hunters nephew lose his leg?

He got into a bad car accident

How did barbra Katie Chapman die?

She died in a car accident on the day of dog and beth's wedding

What happened on the eve of Dog and Beth's wedding that could have stopped it?

Dog; older daughter Barbara Jean was killed in a car accident

How did Riley in radiance die?

She died in a car accident with her dog Buttercup and her parents. Her sister Ever survived

How did dog the bounty hunters dougher die?

Dog the bounty hunters daghter died in a very bad car accident near her home in alaska.

A dog was running across the street between cars and the dog hit your car in the middle of the street Should the owner of the dog responsible for your repair expense of car?

Yes the owner of the dog would be responsible because they didnt slow their dog down or anything and it was the dogs fault because he or she ran in the street. So the owner of the dog would have to pay for the repair expense of the car.

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