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moving truck

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Q: Which has more momentum a moving car or a moving truck?
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How fast is moving a 10000lbs truck at 20mph strikes a 2000 lbs car at rest and all the momentum is transfered to the car how fast will the car be moving?

The car can't end up moving faster than the truck. Momentum doesn't affect speed, it only affects whether the truck can move the car. Since the truck weighs more, the car will be moved. If the truck is moving at 20 MPH, the car will start moving at 20 MPH on impact, but unless the truck continues moving and speeds up, the car won't move any faster than the original 20 MPH of the truck.

A car and a truck are traveling at the same speedWhich has more momentum why?

If a car and a truck are traveling at the same speed, the truck would have more momentum because it has a greater mass.

Does a truck have more momentum than a car?

Yes. At the same velocity, a truck would have more momentum than a car as it has greater mass. Momentum is the product of mass and velocity: ρ=mv

Which of the following has greater momentum a 500 kg car moving at 64 km a 250 kg cart moving at 12 km or a 1000 kg truck moving at 32 km?

Momentum (p) equals mass times velocity, or p=mv, and I assume that when the question says "moving at 64 km" it is referring to the cars velocity. The car will have a momentum of 32000 kg*km/s. The cart will have a momentum of 3000 kg*km/s. The truck will have a momentum of 32000 kg*km/s. The car and the truck both have a greater momentum than the cart.

Which has greater momentum a heavy truck or a moving automobile?

Momentum depends on both mass AND velocity. So if they are both going the same speed the truck would have more momentum. However, a car traveling at 44.7m/s (100mph) could have more momentum that a truck traveling at 0.1m/s p = m * v Momentum (p) is equal to the mass (m) of the object times its velocity (v). All in SI units.

Which law of motion is applicable to a moving car that makes it likely that it will be damaged when it collides with a truck?

The principle that might apply here is momentum. Momentum is mass times velocity. What should be pointed out is that velocity is speed that has a direction vector. (If the car is moving ahead in a straight line it is traveling at "x" miles per hour "forward".) The car is moving forward and comes into contact with the truck. That seems to be where the question is looking. The mass of the car times its velocity is its momentum, and this represents the energy that it is carrying into the collision. This energy will have end up being distributed among the various parts and components of the car and the truck that are compressed, deformed and/or broken by the collision. The amount of damage will be proportional to the momentum. The more the momentum (the more the "forward" energy) of the car, the more compression, deformation and breakage there will be. Was everyone wearing seat belts? Are you in good hands?

What are some examples of momentum?

Momentum is speed or force of movement and it is defined as moving body. Momentum must have both mass and velocity. Examples of momentum include if a car and big truck are rolling down a hill, the truck will roll faster. A bullet has a lot of momentum with a small mass.

A 500kg truck moving at 30ms strikes a parkec 300kg car they connect and move forward what is the momentum of the truck before it strikes the car?

15,000 kg m/s

What has more momentum a car with a speed of 20 kmh or a car moving at 100 kmh?

The magnitude of momentum is directly proportional to speed. A car moving at 100 km per hr has 5 times as much momentum as a car with equal mass moving at 20 km per hr has.

What has the most momentum a car a truck a motorcycle or a train?

A truck.

A 500 kg truck moving at 30 ms strikes a parked 300 kg car they connect together and move forward What is the momentum of the truck before it strikes the car?

15,000 kg-m/s...momentum=mass x velocityThe crashing into the car is irrelevant

When a toy truck collides into a toy car the momentum of is the same before and after the collision Truck or the Car?

Collisions in the normal setting of life on Earth are complicated. Moving objects lose energy to air friction. Momentum in many cases is transferred to the Earth, where it becomes invisible, because it is such a tiny fraction of the Earth's total momentum. A toy truck and a toy car could collide in such a way that they both stop moving, but that does not mean that momentum has disappeared; it means that since they were moving in opposite directions in the first place, the algebraic sum of their momentum was zero in the first place. In outer space, you could see a simpler example of how momentum is transferred from one moving object to another, and how it is conserved. Momentum is always conserved, but often in such a complicated way that it is not easily perceived.

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