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If a car and a truck are traveling at the same speed, the truck would have more momentum because it has a greater mass.

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Q: A car and a truck are traveling at the same speedWhich has more momentum why?
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Which has greater momentum a heavy truck or a moving automobile?

Momentum depends on both mass AND velocity. So if they are both going the same speed the truck would have more momentum. However, a car traveling at 44.7m/s (100mph) could have more momentum that a truck traveling at 0.1m/s p = m * v Momentum (p) is equal to the mass (m) of the object times its velocity (v). All in SI units.

Which truck has more momentum a 2000kg truckor a 2kg truck?

It depends on the truck's velocity, but, for the same velocity, the 2000kg truck has more momentum than the 2kg truck.

Which has more momentum a moving car or a moving truck?

moving truck

Why does a semi truck have more momentum than a bicycle?

A parked semi truck has no momentum. A moving bicycle does. If both the bike and the truck are moving at the same speed in the same direction, the truck will have more because it has more mass.

Does a truck have more momentum than a car?

Yes. At the same velocity, a truck would have more momentum than a car as it has greater mass. Momentum is the product of mass and velocity: ρ=mv

Which has more momentum a semi truck traveling at 20 mph or a football linebacker traveling at 20 mph?

Momentum = Ρ = m•v, m is mass in kg, and v is velocity in m/s. Both the semi and the linebacker are traveling at the same velocity. However, the mass of the semi is hundreds of times the mass of the linebacker. Therefore, the semi will have a much greater momentum than the linebacker.

Does fully loaded truck or empty truck have more momentum?

Newton's laws of Motion state that Momentum is a product of Mass times velocity. Momentum = Mass x velocity. Therefore, a loaded truck needs a larger force to move it, and once it's moving, it needs more powerful brakes to stop it. So a fully loaded truck will have more momentum and be harder to stop than an empty truck.

If a truck and a bike have the same momentum which would be harder to stop a truck or a bike?

The truck it has more weight behind it.

The momentum of a 5000 kg truck that is standing still is greater than the momentum of a 3000 kg truck that is also at rest?

A body must have velocity in order to have momentum. The difference is that a 5000 kg truck has more mass and therefore more inertia (Newton's first law). Inertia is the resistance to change in motion and so that's where the misconception of momentum and mass occur.

Would it be more difficult to stop a truck carrying a heavy load or to stop the same truck empty?

A truck that is more heavy with the same velocity whil the truck is less heavy it will have more momentum!!

Which has more momentum heavy truck light truck or do they both have the same momentum?

A truck that is more massive with the same velocity as the truck that is less massive will definitely have more momentum. This is illustrated in the equation for momentum:p = mvWhere p is momentum which is measured in Newton seconds, m is mass which is measured in kilograms, and v is velocity, measured in meters per second. If you plug in a larger mass for that same equivalent velocity, it will accordingly have more momentum.Also, if you just think about it, what would be harder to move: something with more mass or something with less mass?

Does a tiny bullet have more momentum than a huge truck?

It depends on how fast each is going and how much each weighs. Momentum is calculated by multiplying the mass of an object by its speed. A tiny bullet moving very fast can have more momentum than a huge truck if the truck is moving very slowly (or not at all). (bullet mass) X (bullet speed) > (truck mass) X (truck speed)

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