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Park for automatic transmissions, and Neutral for stick shifts.

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Q: Which gear is the safest to be in when starting a car?
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What safety gear do you need for a car?

All cars have a neutral gear and all cars will start in neutral. It is recommended by all vehicle manufactures that the car's transmission be left in either park or neutral and that the emergency brake be set. If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, then PARK is the safest gear, but most cars have manual transmission and no park gear, so the safest gear is NEUTRAL with the parking brake engaged.

Safest seat in a car?

The middle back seat is the safest.

Safest place to place a car seat?

The safest place to place a car seat is in the middle of the car or behind the drivers seat.

Which babies car seats are the safest?

The safest baby car seat that I know of is Greco. It has know to be the safest car seat in the world. I purchase a lot of their products and people has been very pleased.

What a neutral safety swtich does?

It keeps the car/truck from starting in any gear except park & neutral

Which is the safest car?

Well the safest vehicle is probably some heavy duty truck, but as far as an actual car goes Volvo makes the safest cars hands down, probably the xc90 or s60 is one of the safest

What is the safest color for a car?


If you are in a car during an earthquake and are out in the open are you safest in the car?


My 97 Taurus gear shifter will move but not shift into any gear after starting the car?

There could be two reasons for this. The first is the transmission is completely out and the second is the linkage in the transmission is broken.

Why is my car slipping out of 1st gear?

my car is not working in 1st gear

What keeps the car in gear?

A car is in gear when the clutch is engaged on the transmission

What is the most safest car on the road?

The Cadillac beast is the world's most safest car with bomb proof body & bullet proof tyres & windows.