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Some of the safest car seat brands are Koler, Graco, Britax and there are some other brands that are available for consumers to purchase as safe car seats.

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Q: What are the safest car seat brands?
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Safest seat in a car?

The middle back seat is the safest.

Safest place to place a car seat?

The safest place to place a car seat is in the middle of the car or behind the drivers seat.

What is the safest car seat for infants?

the middle seat

Which babies car seats are the safest?

The safest baby car seat that I know of is Greco. It has know to be the safest car seat in the world. I purchase a lot of their products and people has been very pleased.

Where is the safest side for a baby car seat?

In the middle seat of the back row.

Where to place child in car?

The safest seat in a 5 passenger vehical, is the back center seat.

Where in a car is the safest place for a child seat above 6 months?

Middle of the back seat.

What brands of infant car seat are available?

There are many different brands of infant car seats available. Some examples of these infant car seat brands on the market include Britax USA and Graco SnugRide.

What are car seat requirements?

Car seat requirements are what the car seat companies want you to do to make sure it is the safest possible. It all depends on the car seat. But most are the same. Facing forward after a certain age/height.

Which car seat brands are featured on the Recaro website?

Recaro brands are seat brands featured on the Recaro website. The Recaro website features a large amount of car seats and booster seats for children.

Where in the backseat is the safest place for an infants car seat?

The middle of the backseat; away from the windows.

What are some of the most popular brands of car seat warmers?

One of the most popular brands of car seat warmers is Wagan providing an affordable variety of seat warmers. However they generally tend to stick to the cover variety of seat warmers and not the internal brand.

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