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There are several charitable organizations that accept old car as donations. To highlight, below are two organizations. First, accepts car donations on behalf of other charitable programs across Canada and in turn donates the car to those who are less fortunate in the community. The added bonus is that they do not take any processing or handling fees and 100% of the proceeds are donated to the charity of your choice. Similarly, other organizations include 1-800 Charity Cars, one of the publicized charity by reselling the cars and distributing the profits back to the cause, or alternatively, donate the vehicles to individuals and families in need.

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Q: Which charities allow one to donate an old car?
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Where can one donate their old car?

One of the most well known charities to donate a car to is the American Kidney Foundation. Goodwill and Salvation Army also will accept donations. These donations are usually tax deductible.

Where can one donate an old car for tax write offs?

Canadians are able to donate old cars for tax write offs in Toronto Ontario at the Canadian Diabetes Association in which you may be eligible to recieve a 1000 dollar gift certificate towards a Gm vehicle. Nationwide you can donate a car to Christian Charities.

How old does someone need to be in order to start donating to charities?

You can donate to a charity at any age. Even if you don't have money to donate, you can donate items you no longer use such as clothes, toys or games in good condition.You can also donate your time, however, charities may have restrictions on how old you have to be to volunteer or that you have to have an adult with you or have to have parent/guardian permission.

Where can you donate old medals?

You can donate old trophies to charities, sports clubs etc as many will have very little budget to work with so will appreciate help on this front.

What are some charities that one can donate old clothes to?

Numerous charities will accept old clothes as donations. These charities include Goodwill, American Red Cross, and plenty of others. Most of these organizations feature dropoff locations around the country.

What places allow you to donate old cars?

You could consider a newer charity such as Car Angel, or go with an established charity like Goodwill. There are plenty of options.

Is there a car donation tax if I donate my car?

There is a car donation tax credit if you donate your old car to an authorized charity. The current deduction value limit is $500.

What is a good organization to donate your car to? is a wonderful site to donate your car to. This is a good option after having used up your old car because the car will go to charity, which is a good cause.

How does one go about donating a used car?

Almost every local charity organization will accept a donation of a vehicle. It is important to decide which charity to donate to. Breasted cancer, the homeless, the poor, and the old all have charities aimed to making positive change.

What organizations can one donate old cars to?

One can donate old cars to 1-800-Charity Cars, Donate a Car, Habitat for Humanity, Car Angel and Goodwill. Schools and churches may also accept cars and other vehicles for donation.

How can I donate my old car and benefit cancer research at the same time?

Well when you donate the car, the money that they get from the car goes to the cancer research facility. So you are helping out the cancer study by donating your car.

What can you do with your old or broken power tool?

Some places allow you to donate it for recycling purposes.