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Some of the most popular Bluetooth hands free car kits are the CC 9060 and the Kinivo BTC450. Others are the JVC Bluetooth Adapter, the Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit and the Parrot Unika.

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Q: Which are the most popular Bluetooth hands free car kits?
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Where can one purchase a Nokia Bluetooth Car Kit?

Nokia Bluetooth Car Kits can be purchased online through Amazon. These kits cost around $140 and offer an easy way to communicate hands-free while driving a vehicle.

What are the most popular GM accessories?

The most popular GM accessories vary from individual to individual. As well, it is dependent on the type of vehicle purchased. Some of the more popular accessories ordered are the Bluetooth hands-free option, heated seat kits and MP3 music players.

Where can I find hands free kits for a cellphone?

A hands free kit or bluetooth kit for your phone can be found at radio shack, or are available from the company who sold you your phone. Heres a page for verizon, other companies will have similar items

Where can one purchase hands free car kits?

There are many places where one could purchase hands free car kits. One could find hands free car kits at most major electronics dealers like Best Buy or Amazon.

What exactly do parrot kits include?

Parrot kits or Parrot Bluetooth car kits as they are called, are an electronic device used for receiving and making calls in the car without having to touch one's mobile phone. The kit includes an LCD screen, hands free microphone and buttons for browsing and volume control.

Which is the best hands free phone brand?

A bluetooth hand free kit for your phone is the best way to go. There are plenty out there but a few of the good ones are Motorola Roadster 2, Jabra Freeway, Supertooth buddy, Gogroove Flexsmart X3 and Plantronics K100.

Should hands free kits be wired to the fuse panel?

well what do u thing

I was suggested to check out hands free kits. Where can I find more information on this?

Yes absolutely you should have some hands free kits and supplies when using your cell phone in your automobile for safety for yourself, loved ones and others. Here is a website.

Does sell hands free kits of any kind?

Yes, sells many different hands free kits in various designs and at various prices. You can find more information on their website at

How much do bluetooth car kits cost?

There are a vast range of prices for bluetooth car kits. They can be as little as twenty dollars to over three hundred dollars. Some prices include installation but others do not.

What is a common price for a bluetooth car kit?

Bluetooth car kits can vary in price depending on the retailer it is bought from. In general however, One can expect to pay 20 dollars for a bluetooth car kit.

What is the Best bluetooth car kit?

Some great bluetooth car kits are available from Celltech Technologies. They have a wide variety available, including full car kits like the Ego-flash, talk and look. Other car kits such as the R1 and compact classic are a cheaper alternative because they just clip onto your overhead visor.