Where can one purchase hands free car kits?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are many places where one could purchase hands free car kits. One could find hands free car kits at most major electronics dealers like Best Buy or Amazon.

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Q: Where can one purchase hands free car kits?
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Where can one purchase a Nokia Bluetooth Car Kit?

Nokia Bluetooth Car Kits can be purchased online through Amazon. These kits cost around $140 and offer an easy way to communicate hands-free while driving a vehicle.

Where can someone purchase a handsfree car kit?

A hands free car kit can be purchased at any local Walmart, Kmart or Target stores. For a better selection of hands free car kits, Best Buy is a good place to go. You can also obtain them on-line at Amazon or Ebay.

Which are the most popular Bluetooth hands free car kits?

Some of the most popular Bluetooth hands free car kits are the CC 9060 and the Kinivo BTC450. Others are the JVC Bluetooth Adapter, the Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit and the Parrot Unika.

Can we purchase nokia 6255i accessories online?

Yes. One can purchase Nokia 6255i accessories. One can find batteries, cases, car kits, hands free devices at The link is:

Does sell hands free kits of any kind?

Yes, sells many different hands free kits in various designs and at various prices. You can find more information on their website at

Where can one purchase car model kits?

Model car kits can be purchased at all kinds of stores. There are special hobby shops that have the model car kits and many chain stores have the kits.

What exactly do parrot kits include?

Parrot kits or Parrot Bluetooth car kits as they are called, are an electronic device used for receiving and making calls in the car without having to touch one's mobile phone. The kit includes an LCD screen, hands free microphone and buttons for browsing and volume control.

What is meant by the term 'car kit'?

A car kit generally refers to a product that allows users to complete some type of task inside of their car. For example, there are hands-free car kits that enable drivers to speak without holding their cellular phones. There are also satellite radio car kits that let drivers stream certain kinds of music through their stereos.

The New Trend: Electric Car Kits?

The newest trend in the world of cars is the electric car kit. Electric car kits can be found up for sale at a plethora of online websites. It is rather difficult to find these kits for sale at dealerships. A lot of dealerships would rather you just purchase a brand new hybrid rather than turn your existing car into a gas saving machine. Be sure to look online for the purchase of one of these kits.

Where can one purchase new car parts kits?

New car part kits can be purchased in a number of locations around the United States. One great place is at the dealer that makes the brand of car the parts are needed for.

Where can one purchase reasonably priced car body kits?

One can purchase reasonably priced car body kits at CarsDirect, Amazon, AndysAutoSport, LSHBodyKits or AutoAnything. It could be worth spending some time evaluating different options to get the most reasonable price.

Which is the best hands free phone brand?

Gazelle recommends the following hands-free Bluetooth kits for car phones in the following order: Mototola Roadstar 2, Jabra Freeway, SuperTooth Buddy, GOgroove Flexsmart X3, Plantronics K100. Many new cars are equipped with Bluetooth integration.