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Q: Which V-type engine valve train design may use four camshafts?
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Where is the engine on a train?

The engine on a train is behind the driver.

What is the engine of an old train?

The engine of an old train would be a steam engine.

What is an engine that draws a train?

The engine or locomotive.

What is the engine car of a train called?

The "Engine".

What is the difference between a train and electromagnetic train?

A typical train has wheels and rolls on metal rails. It's drive wheels are driven by a steam engine, a Diesel engine, or even electric motors powered by the rail system or overhead wires. An electromagnetic train, on the other hand, does not ride on wheels, or have an engine, per se. It is suspended from it's track by a powerful magnetic field generated by electro-magnets in the track and train. In addition to providing suspension of the train, the magnetic fields are used to propel the train itself, so it does not need an "engine" at all.

What does 'Lok' mean?

In swedish 'lok' means 'train engine"

How much does a train engine weigh?

The weight of a train engine varies depending on the type of engine. A diesel engine can weigh as much as 250 tons while a steam engine would be about 100 tons.

What do you call the car in front of the train?

In most cases the car at the front of a train is the engine or the locomotive. However, sometimes the train is pushed from behind and then the engine is the car at the end.

How does propulsion impact the maglev train design?

it allows it to float@

What kind of engine does a train have?


What is a train engine made of?


What is the length of a train engine?