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The solenoid in normally by the starter motor and is a relay so the starter switch does not conduct the full amps needed to turn the engine.

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2008-09-15 16:24:11
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Q: Where would you find the solenoid in the car?
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Why would a 1999 vw beetle die at a stop lights?

find out if the car has a lock-up solenoid it could be that

Will the solenoid make car not go over 45mph?

No if we are talking about the starter solenoid.

What does cylinoid do?

The word, 'Solenoid' defines a shape, which turns out to be cylinder-shaped. Solenoid is an adjective . . . that means that it modifies a noun. The noun in this case is coil: As in 'solenoid coil' which is cylinder-shaped. In a car, the solenoid coil, or just 'Solenoid' pulls in the electric contactor on a car's starter to turn the starter. After the car starts, the solenoid releases the contactor to where it will be ready for the next engine startup.

Why does the car not turn over after starter solenoid is replaced?

If the car does not turn over after the solenoid is replaced, that means the problem was not the starter solenoid. The problems lays elsewhere in the electrical system.

What is the problem when the car makes a clicking sound after it starts?

if clicking during starting, solenoid, but car should not start with a bad solenoid.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 02 mustang gt?

The starter solenoid is close to the battery of your car. Follow the red battery cable to reach the solenoid. Use your car's manual for any help.

Why a car would not start if the battery is fine?

Bad solenoid, bad ground, faulty ig. switch.

Does the solenoid causes the car not to start?

Turning the key sends power to the solenoid and the solenoid sends power to the starter. If the engine cranks, the solenoid is OK. If not then checking the solenoid is a good idea.

Where is the shift solenoid located on a 2003 Chevy cavalier?

On the chevy solenoid, you may be looking for the shift solenoid, and wondering where it is. The shift solenoid on this car is located inside the motor.

Why might a car with a new battery and new solenoid not start or even crank?

if the car has a new battery and solenoid then I would remove the starter and bench test it. if it bench tests ok then make sure it is not jammed. does the starter click? if not then it may be wires. check and make sure the little solenoid wire is connected as well.

How do you Test a Club Car Solenoid?

One can test a Club Car Solenoid by asking the car dealership for the temporary keys, and then, under the supervision of an employee, they can drive the car around town for at a maximum of thirty minutes.

Why would a 1996 Ford Taurus 3.0 dohc engine ax4n not shift into overdrive?

Most likely culprit would be a bad shift solenoid. Take your car to a parts store and see if they can find any codes with the code scanner.

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