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Solenoid is getting hot from heat transfer. Wire in a remote solenoid.

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2010-04-16 22:28:26
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Q: Car starter does not work when engine is warm?
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How does car kick-starter work?

A car starter is an electric motor that is used to turn the engine over in order to get it started.

Does a car starter need to be grounded to work?

Yes, a starter has to be grounded to work.

What can cause your car not to start?

The battery might be dead, or your engine might not work. *EDIT* Check your ignition coil, or starter solenoid, instead of saying "your engine might not work". If you take a hammer and tap the starter when somebody else is cranking the vehicle then you need a new starter.

Why does a polar start remote car starter not work?

polar car starter programing

Will a car run with out the starter in it?

Certainly. Once the engine is running the starter is not needed.

Will your car lose power if the starter goes out?

no, the starter is only for starting the engine.

How do you find a starter on a 96 Kia Sephia?

the starter is on the side of engine between engine and firewall of car on driverside

1990 olds toronado wont start when its warm up?

the starter may be worn on your car if it starts up easily when its cold but slowly turns over when it is at the operating temperature. Replace the starter to your engine.

How expensive is a new starter for your car?

Year of car? Make of Car? Engine size?

Your car won't start what could it be?

Need more info like, does the starter engage? Does the starter turn the engine over? Does the starter turn the engine over but the engine does not run?

What causes a car engine to turn over?

The starter turns the engine over.

How do car parts work?

Car parts work by performing very specific functions as part of a whole. A starter spins the engine using an electric motor while the brakes stop the car by hydraulic force.

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