Where is the sub frame located in a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Under engine, if you underneath your car at front you couldn't miss it big steel frame between both wheels

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Q: Where is the sub frame located in a car?
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Is the 67 nova a full frame car or sub frame?

It's a sub frame car.

What do you call the front frame of a car?

Depends on the car front wheel drive it a cradle rear wheel drive it a sub frame.

What is the name for the cradle that holds a car engine?

K-Frame, Sub Frame, Cross member, Depends on the vehicle.

Where is the fuel filter located for a 1989 Mercedes 300 e?

The fuel filter is underneath the car at the right rear area, just ahead of the rear sub-frame.

Is a 1972 Chevelle an A-body car?

Yes. A body, is full frame. F body would be a sub frame, like camaro, or nova.

How do you remove the engine?

how do you remove the engine? Is it pulled from the top or do you unbolt the sub frame and slide it out from under the car?

Where is the fuel filter location on a 2001 ford mustang?

It should be located on the rear sub-frame of the vehicle.

What is a car apron?

The car apron is a part of the car that is located under the doorsills. These are part of the actual frame on the vehicle.

Replace rocker panel on 1972 Chevy Nova?

Those are structural, on a sub frame car, and have to be cut off, and welded back on.

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1998 suzuki esteem?

It is located directly behind the engine in the middle. It is attached to the car frame

Where is the frame on a 2000 Camry?

there is no steal frame- its called a sub frame its not like the old cars or trucks

How do you know if a car has a negative or positive grounded battery?

Find the cable that is connected directly to the frame or sub-frame of the car. If it is red, then Positive is ground; If it is black, then Negative is ground. More than likely (but not in all cases) the electrical system is Negative ground.