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There's a switch to actuate the brake lights, but there isn't a sensor of any sort. That uses uses an SAE J1939 multiplex system. What that means is that, when you press that brake pedal and actuates that switch, instead of power going from the switch to the relay then to the lights (as it did on older systems), it instead sends current to a chassis node computer. The computer reads that input, follows the programming, and send output current to the appropriate outlet port. If it detects an inadequate amount of amperage being drawn, then it knows there's a fault in the circuit. That's how it's able to display the message, make the turn signals flash faster when there's a fault in that circuit, etc. If you have the body control module program (ESA - Electronic Service Analyst - is the program PACCAR uses for Peterbilt, Kenworth, and DAF trucks), and the programming can be altered in many ways, but the factory default settings are the way they are for a reason. The chassis node itself... not familiar with that exact model, but it's typically mounted on the left side frame rail, and all electrical components which aren't part of the engine system are tied into it... As for the switch itself, it'll be on the end of the brake pedal arm. If you test it and get continuity with it depressed, then your issue is elsewhere.

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Q: Where is the brake light censor switch located on a Peterbilt 587?
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Where is the brake light switch located on a peterbilt 387?

There is no brake light switch. There is a brake light pressure censor that is located under the cab where the driver's seat is. T.R.

Where is the brake light switch located on a peterbilt 359?

On the brake pedal itself.

Where is the brake light switch located on a peterbilt 379?

the brake light switch is an air over elec. switch located in an air block on the floor behind steering shaft

Where is the brake switch located on 92 Peterbilt model 377?

behind the panel right in front of the throttle pedal

Where is brake light switch on peterbilt?

It's attached to the brake pedal arm.

Where is the brake light switch on a 1995 Peterbilt 379?

Should be to the left of the clutch pedal.

Where is the brake switch located on a 1984 peterbilt 359?

The brake light switch is located on an aluminum air line junction block. The air line block is directly forward of the steering column on the cab side by the firewall. There is an access panel on the engine side of the firewall that gives you access for replacement.

How does a brake light switch work on a Peterbilt?

There's continuous power supplied to the circuit. When the switch contacts, it closes the circuit and allows the power to go to the brake lights.

Why would my brake lights stay on with my 2001 peterbilt 379?

Stuck brake light switch, or a short to power somewhere in the brake light circuit.

Where is the brake pressure switch on 1993 peterbilt model379?

under the dash.drivers side.remove the panel behind the steering coulem .

Where is the foot brake switch on a vanagon?

The brake switch is located on the brake master cylinder!

Where is the brake light switch located on a 1990 Cutlass Ciera?

The brake light switch is located on a bracket behind the brake pedal support.