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behind the panel right in front of the throttle pedal

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Q: Where is the brake switch located on 92 Peterbilt model 377?
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How to remove brake switch in mercedes benz model clk430?

The brake light switch is located on the brake pedal assembly. 1. Remove the cover below the instrument panel 2. Remove the electrical connector. 3. On the switch their is a locking tab the prevents rotation. Press the "tab" and rotate the switch 90 degrees. 4. Remove switch.

2005 harley softail brake light stays on?

Most likely cause is a problem with the front brake light switch located in the right switch housing on the handlebars. If you installed new levers you may have ones for a different model or the clip that holds the switch my have fallen out.

How do you replace a Peterbilt windshield?

Need to know WHICH model Peterbilt in order to answer this.

How do you fix the brake lights on a 1994 Volkswagen Jetta if all the fuses are OK and you already changed the bulbs?

Most likely the brake switch. Not for sure with this model, but brake switches are almost always easily accessibile being located somwhere in line with the brake pedal.

What year model did the 379 model come out in the peterbilt?


Is any peterbilt model hood is interchangeable with 367?

No. All Peterbilt models have different-shaped hoods.

What exactly is the Peterbilt 359?

The Peterbilt 359 is the name of a particular model truck which was last produced in 1987. Its price ranges from $10,000 up to $225,000 for the latest model.

Where is the switch for the headlights-wipers located?

In what make and model vehicle?

Why won't Grand marquis 2005 brake lights turn off?

Regardless of vehicle make, model, or age, when vehiclcle brake lights remain on when the brake pedal is not depressed, the cause is that the linkage between the brake system and the switch is improperly adjusted, OR less commonly, a defective switch.

How do you aim the headlights on a 2008 Peterbilt truck?

Different models of Peterbilt have different headlight assemblies. We need to know which model you're referring to.

What is the most popular peterbilt truck model?

It is without a doubt the: 379

How do you change a brake light switch on a 1999 bug?

Changing the brake light switch is a relatively simple task, and you should try to do it yourself. The brake light switch is a small electronic device located at the top of the brake pedal (inside the car on the floor where your feet go). It is about 3 inches long, has wires coming out of one side, and a plunger on the other that moves in and out when you step on the brake. First, unplug the brake light switch cables. You'll have to pinch the sides and wiggle it out. You will need to use a 1/2 inch socket or spanner to remove the L shaped metal bracket above the brake light switch, just in front of the brake pedal and clutch pedal. (Actually, I did this but it may not have been necessary. See if you can perform the next step without taking this out.) The brake light switch is held in by two plastic pins. You'll need to turn it like a bottle cap and gently pull out until it comes out out. This is your culprit. On 1998, 1999, and early model 2000 beetles, the brake light switch is a two wire device. On late model 2000 and 2001 beetles, the brake light switch is a four wire device. To put in the new brake light switch, put it into the same slot the old one just came out of, and rotate it until it is in the same position as the previous one. Reattach the L shaped metal bracket above the brake light switch. Plug the cables back into the brake light switch, making sure they are firmly seated. Be careful of the clutch pedal switch. It has a similar switch to the brake light switch. If it comes out, just put it back in. The clutch pedal switch is used to make sure you have the clutch pedal pressed down when you are starting the car, otherwise it won't start. Good luck.