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There are several websites which offer side by side comparisons of what the big banks offer for low interest rates for car loans and the length of the term.

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Q: Where can one find the lowest rates for a car loan?
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What are the lowest auto loan rates available for a used car?

The lowest auto loan rates are progressive. Progressive compares its low rates against others. Try to see what is the lowest auto loan you can get.

What companies offer some of the lowest car loan rates?

The lowest car loan rates are to be found from the largest loan providers. It is worth using a price comparison website for the best deal. Car dealerships also often offer good rates on loans.

Where can one find the lowest loan for cars?

Finding the lowest loan rate for a car is dependent on more than just a lender. The borrower's credit and amount of the down payment also factor into loan rates. That said, credit unions tend to provide better rates than banks.

Where does one find the best car loan rates?

To find the best car loan rates in your local area, you could use your local directory to contact your local bank or loan agency. Any automobile dealer could also provide information on car loan rates.

Where can I find low car insurance rates online? helps you find the lowest rates

What is the cheapest car loan rate in the UK?

The car loan rates in the UK vary depending on your credit standing. The cheapest one is from money supermarket at 5%. The next lowest rates comes in at 5.7% from money UK. You just have to shop around to find the best rate that suits your credit needs.

Where can information be found on lending rates for a car loan?

Information on lending rates for a car loan can be found online. One can find this information on the BankRate website. Chase also has information on current interest rates for car loans.

Where can one find the cheapest used car loan rate?

One can find the cheapest used car loan rate on websites that compare car rates. An agent will be happy to help you find the best car loan for you, and you will save money.

Where can one find current new car loan rates?

Car loan rates are typically found at car dealers, if the dealer or the car company they sell for is offering financing, or at local banks and credit unions.

Where can I find out car loan rates?

Well, I would recommend finding information about car loan rates at Bank Rate because they offer a variety of services and information for a fee of no charge.

Are Bank of America's car loan rates the same for new cars as used?

No, Bank of America's car loan rates differ depending on the situation. On their website, one can find a rate for a new car, used car, or a refinancing rate. Generally, new car rates are lower.

What is the current bank interest rates for a new car loan in Florida?

Interest rates are dependent on your credit as well as your income/debt ratio. The lowest interest rate is 0% but the current interest rate for a new car loan is 6.28% for 48 months.