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Information on lending rates for a car loan can be found online. One can find this information on the BankRate website. Chase also has information on current interest rates for car loans.

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Q: Where can information be found on lending rates for a car loan?
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Where can consolidation loan rates be compared?

There are several places one can compare consolidation loan rates. These websites include Bank Rate, Loan Consolidation, Lending Club, FinAid, and Lending Tree.

Where can I find information about student loan interest rates?

Student loan interest rates tend to vary depending on the type of loan. More information is provided by American Student Assistance, which can be found at

Where can one find information on mortgage refinancing interest rates?

There are many websites that contain information on mortgage refinancing interest rates. Among them are Lending Tree, Bank Rate, Top 10 Mortgages, and Home Loan Help.

Where can one find information on small business loan rates?

Information about small business loan rates can be found at local banks. When presenting them with a business plan of high quality the rates can be discussed. Banks tend to charge lower rates when the risk is lower.

Home loan online refinance rates are offered as low as what percentage on the Lending Tree homepage?

Home loan online refinance rates are offered as low as 3.13% APR according to the Lending Tree homepage. The percentage APR a person qualifies for will depend on the type of loan received and the type of property.

How easy is it to get a loan through the lending tree?

It is not very easy. Even if you do get a loan through the lending tree, there are ridiculous interest rates which will take a long time to pay off. It is not the best way to get a laon.

What are international home equity loan rates?

International home equity loan rates will vary from country to country. The best way to get a good rate is to contact your chosen local financial institution and ask them what their rates are on lending internationally.

Does gemb lending have a website?

For credit cards it's There is now web site for loan information from GEMB lending

Where online can someone compare secure loan rates?

Secure loans rates can be compared online at several sites including Lending Tree, Wells Fargo, Key Point, Amerfirst, Quicken Loans, and Lending Booth.

What is predatory?

Predatory lending is when a real estate agent convinces a borrower that they should obtain a loan. The loan usually has unfair and fluctuating rates and they prey on the borrowers need and desperation even if the borrower does not have the means to repay the loan.

Why is it a bad idea to get a payday loan?

payday lending operations charge higher interest-rates than traditional banks

What are some disadvantages of an auto title loan?

Auto title loans are risky at best. Interest rates are very high, it may become impossible to pay off the loan. A good article about the disadvantages of an auto title loan can be found here: