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There are many charities that accept car donations. The Make-A-Wish foundation accepts car donations. One can also donate their car to the American Cancer Society through their Cars for a Cure donation program.

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Q: Where can one donate their automobile to charity?
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Where can one donate an automobile for charity?

Automobile for charity programs include Make-A-Wish Car DonationÕóë¢ÕŠëÑÕŠë_, 1-800 Charity Cars, Cars For Breast Cancer, Cars Fighting Cancer, Vehicles for Charity, and Charity Motors.

Where can one find information about donating an automobile to a charity?

If you wish to donate you automobile to a charity the best option is to first think about what charity you would like to donate it to. You should try to find a worthy charity one that is equipped to accept such a donation. Intermediary organizations should be avoided, although they offer to help you donate your used vehicle to charity they keep a percentage of the vehicles value. To avoid this it would be better to talk directly to the charity you have chosen and ask them about exactly what steps you should take to donate your automobile. If you still feel like you must utilize a intermediary organization because you lack time or for any other reason then at least choose one that will give most of the vehicles value to charity.

Where can one find information about a good charity to donate for?

The Charity Navigator is a good website to find information about a good charity to donate to. They evaluate the many charities to help one decide which ones are the best to donate to.

Where can one donate to automobile companies?

One can donate to automobile companies on their websites. Every automobile company should have a website. If not to be found, one could call to the company and see what donations are available.

What are some good automobile donation charities?

There are several reliable automobile donation charities to choose from when considering donating your car. CharityCar is a popular donate a car to charity operation, or Automobile Donation.

How would one go about donating money to a charity?

One can donate money to any number of charities by phone, online or in their charity shops. One can can donate money or donate items such as clothing.

Where can one donate a vehicle to charity?

To donate a vehicle to charity, one should visit webpage donation sites such as 'Give A Car'. Alternatively, one could try other charities such as Oxfam to donate vehicles.

Where can one find information on how to donate an auto to a charity?

One can call the charity of interest and gather the required information on transportation, gross proceeds and title transfer in order to donate an auto to a charity.

How can you donate your car to charity?

One can donate one's car to charity by finding a worthy charity, know the status of your recipient and transfer the vehicle with care. One can ask information regarding this subjects at different charities.

Where can one donate a car for charity?

One can donate a car for charity to almost any charity providing it is new, and they can auction it as a major fundraiser. Used cars can be donated to charity in special schemes such as the Give A Car and One Car Helps programs.

Where can one find cars to charity?

There are multiple ways to donate a car to charity. There are multiple organizations, such as Kars4Kids and Cars4Veterans that offer services for you to donate your car. It all depends on which type of charity you want to donate to. Hope this helps!

How does one donate a vehicle to charity?

By calling the charity of choice one can easily say they are willing to donate their vehicle to them. Though it is advised to research the charity first before even giving them a call. Also check with the charity if there will be a tax benefit for you.