Where are matchbox cars made?

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flip the darn thing over and it ought to say "made in China".

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Q: Where are matchbox cars made?
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Are hot wheels cars and matchbox cars alike?

In a way. Hot wheel cars are made better than Matchbox in my opinion.

What are matchbox cars made of?

metal and plastic

How many matchbox cars have been made?


Who makes matchbox cars?

Mattel, Inc. make Matchbox toys and toy cars.

Leonardo DiCaprio made his first TV commercial for which toys?

Matchbox Cars

What is the best playset to get for matchbox cars?

Matchbox offers a wide selection of quality environments for use with matchbox brand cars, user selects their own niche to play in.

Will hot wheel car track allow matchbox cars run on it?

Yes, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars will run on the same track. Remember that Matchbox are not designed to be Race Cars and will not perform like Hot Wheels.

Where can I find information about the latest matchbox cars and accessories?

Matchbox cars are still being produced to this very day. They have been extended into a range of Dino, Arctic and even Batman tracks and accessories to pair with your matchbox cars.

What is the scale of a matchbox car to a real car?

Unfortunately, Matchbox cars are all different scales. The cars are all made to a particular size (no more than 3"). Therefore, a larger car or truck would have to be scaled down more in order to fit the 3" Matchbox size requirement.

What are current prices for matchbox cars?

Get the latest Matchbox Guide by Charlie Mack or check Ebay.

When were matchbox cars first made?

Matchbox a toy brand which is now owned by by Mattel first began producing toys in 1953, however they did not start producing the toy cars in bubble packs we see today until 1980.

What is another word for collectible cars?

Another name for collectible cars is matchbox cars.

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