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Unfortunately, Matchbox cars are all different scales. The cars are all made to a particular size (no more than 3"). Therefore, a larger car or truck would have to be scaled down more in order to fit the 3" Matchbox size requirement.

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Q: What is the scale of a matchbox car to a real car?
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Where can Matchbox car labels be found?

A Matchbox car can be identified by a label on the bottom of the car. Flip the car over and there will be the logo for Matchbox as well as the country of manufacture.

What is a matchbox?

A matchbox is a box that is made to store matches. A Matchbox car is a car that, when invented, was so small it would fit into a matchbox. Matchbox 20 got their name from the fact that most matchboxes come with 20 matches.

Is a hot wheels car a scale model of a real car?


How much does a matchbox car weight?

That depends on the kind of car it's a replica of. A Matchbox fire engine will weigh more than a Miata.

What does the scale of an RC car mean?

it is what ever the scale is, say its 1/8th your car would be 1/8th the size of a real car

Where do you get matchbox car playmats?


What is the most expensive matchbox car in production?


Where can a person get more information on the Matchbox Models available?

Information about the current Matchbox car models that are available can be found at the Mattel website as well as Matchbox Collectibles, Collectors Weekly and Entertainment Earth. A Matchbox checklist is available at Toy Nutz.

If scale model car measures 6 inches and the scale ratio is 120 what is the length of the real car?

120 times 6 = 720 inches.

When was the last matchbox car sold in a display case?


Matchbox car 75 Ferrari Berlinetta value?

€ 65,-

Where has the word matchbox cars originate from?

The word matchbox cars was originated from the fact that the small metal cars would fit inside a matchbox. 1-75 scale. They were marketed in packaging similar to match boxes of the day.(1953) Originally a British company, "British Die Casting" company and owned by 'Lesney'. Made of the names 'Leslie and Rodey' Smith, who founded the die cast toy car makers. The matchbox brand is now owned by US giant 'Mattel', since 1997.