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Unfortunately, Matchbox cars are all different scales. The cars are all made to a particular size (no more than 3"). Therefore, a larger car or truck would have to be scaled down more in order to fit the 3" Matchbox size requirement.

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2012-08-11 19:26:16
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Q: What is the scale of a matchbox car to a real car?
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How can you tell the year on matchbox car?

The series # on the bottom of the car will tell you the year it was made. Printed price guides often provide a comprehensive list and visual record of Matchbox cars, even if values can become outdated with time. Charlie Mack of Matchbox USA publishes a monthly newsletter for members that includes the latest updates on "hot" cars and includes ads and contact information to a number of the finest Matchbox dealers. He also has published a price guide, "The Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys," which is available in bookstores. Tom Larson is the author of "Warman's Matchbox Field Guide," one of the best guides on the subject. New editions are always coming, keeping the information up to date. It is available in bookstores and

How big is a 1.6 scale car?

When model railroaders run their equipment on rails that are 7.5" apart they usually build their equipment to 1.5" scale. Since real standard guage railroad track is 56.5" or 48-1/2" and the equipment is scaled so that 7.5" equals 56.5" then the scale is closer to 1.6" scale. It is called 1.6" scale and is actually 1.592" scale. 1" then in 1.6" scale is .13274"

Where can I find information about the latest matchbox cars and accessories?

Matchbox cars are still being produced to this very day. They have been extended into a range of Dino, Arctic and even Batman tracks and accessories to pair with your matchbox cars.

What are matchbox cars made of?

metal and plastic

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