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My car idles really high and wont go down and it will stall if I push on the gas!!

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Q: When you go 30 mph your car rpms go to 3 and won't go down?
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What if your car loses RPMs at 45 mph?

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission with overdrive, then at speeds above 45 mph, it should be in overdrive, which reduces engine RPM's to save fuel.

Car wont go over 50 mph after overfilling engine oil?

Safety feature is tripped, bring in the car to a shop.

Why Chevy Monte Carlo RPM fall when reach 50 mph?

How about it shifts into 4 overdrive gears are higher so RPMs come down.

What should the RPM in neon be at 60 mph?

Out 2000 Dodge Neon does 2500 rpms at 60 mph. Grace

How many RPMs does a 6 inch wheel spinning at 10 mph have?


Why wont your car go above 70 mph?

Don't know what vehicle you have but that may be as fast as it was designed to go.

Why wont your car go over 5 mph?

Several things it could be, but frankly, if it's that bad, get a mechanic.

What is the RPM of a car going 25 mph?

It depends on a the gear ratio of the transmission in high gear and the final drive rear axle ratio. Also depends on whether the car has overdrive or not. It also depends on the size tires and wheels mounted on the vehicle. All these factors will determine the rpms at 25 mph.

How many rpms should a 2006 Chevrolet Impala run at 60 mph?

1800 or so

What if your car don't go over 25 mph could it be because of a bad transmission?

yes & no if your motor looses compression your car wont go over a limited

What should the RPM be at both 80 mph and 90 mph in an automatic 93 Accord LX?

around 5 and 6 x 1000 rpms

Why does a car use up more fuel per mile when it travels at 70 mph than when it travels?

because you are making the motor run higher rpms therefore using more fuel.

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