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Starting in 1908 with the introduction of the Model T. By 1920 the price was cheap enough that almost anyone could buy a T. Prior to this all cars were very expensive and only the rich could afford them.

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Q: When were automobiles first widely used for transportation?
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How was transportation used in the 1930s?

Trains, horses, wagons, and automobiles were common.

What other forms of transportation are used in Japan?

Common forms of transportation in Japan include trains, automobiles, motorcycles/scooters, bicycles, planes, and boats.

Parkers' guide to used cars features which automobiles?

The Parkers' guide to used cars features many different automobiles. This can range from cars, vans, trucks, and many other transportation vehicles too.

Where can one purchase used HSV automobiles?

Used HSV automobiles are widely available on the internet through Carpoint's website, TradingPost's website, and more. Additionally, HSV automobiles may be found in local ads in local newspapers from individuals trying to sell.

When did automobiles become common in England?

Automobiles began to be used widely in most parts of England in the late 1930's, but their crazy british bastards so who knows, right?

What types of mass transit were used in the 1800s?

there were important advances in transportation. streetcars, subways, automobiles, and airplanes were developed.

What year did people use wagons for transportation?

Wagons were used widely after the production of cars... The first car is credited to Benz in 1893, however Ford started mass production in 1910 of automobiles which lowered the use of wagons... People still use horse and buggy wagons today in Lancaster area of Pennyslvania, PA. They are the Amish. The Wagon phase died out as widespread transportation in the 1930s and 1940's though

What was the first transportation?

The very first form of transportation was walking and swimming. Then animals were domesticated and used as transportation on land and rowed and sailed vessels were used as transportation on water.

What mode of transportation widely used in the 1840's was known as a prairie schooner?

Covered Wagon

What does the company Puch manufacture?

The company Puch, manufactures different types of devices used for personal transportation. Such as automobiles, bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles.

When were cars first built by machines?

Machines were used to build even the first automobiles.

What did the first wheelbarrow look like?

The first axled wheel carts used solid wood wheels with a square box on top. Spoked wheels became widely used for transportation (wagons and carts) but solid wheels were sturdier for wheelbarrows and are still used today.