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The Parkers' guide to used cars features many different automobiles. This can range from cars, vans, trucks, and many other transportation vehicles too.

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2013-06-26 12:08:12
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Q: Parkers' guide to used cars features which automobiles?
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Parkers website has many guides on buying used cars. They also have a dedicated e-mail newsletter that provides information on buying used cars. The website also has information on cars that are currently for sale.

How can Parkers be used as a guide to look up the price of a used car?

Parkers can be used to look up the price of a used car in the UK by entering the manufacturer and model of the car or cars that you are interested in. Parkers will return with all the information available for this particular make and model.

Where can one find a copy of the Parkers car prices?

The Parkers website has a feature which does free valuation of cars. Also, in the iTunes store there is a Parkers app for $8.99 which provides car values.

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