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Car Wheels on a Gravel Road was created on 1998-06-30.

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Q: When was Car Wheels on a Gravel Road created?
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Number of road wheels on the Trotter's car?

3 road wheels

What can you drive a car on?

You can drive a car on a paved street or even on a gravel road

How was the car created?

by putting a bunch of parts in a metal frame one wheels and pushing it down the road!

What can happen when a vehicle travelling too fast on a gravel road?

When driving on gravel you can lose control of your car because the gravel is so loose. The best way to drive on gravel is to go slow.

The apparatus fixed to the wheels of a car to lessen the effects of rough road surfaces?

The Apparatus fixed to the wheels of a car to lessen the effects of rough road surfaces??? Answer: steering wheel

Do you have to register a car dolly?

If it has wheels that touch the road, yes.

How many wheels did the gasoline car have?

Most cars using gasoline have 4 road wheels.

When a cars wheels turn the wheels push backwards on the road what is it that makes the car go forward?


What sort of gravel is in the ground?

tyr and not the tyre on the car wheels but its balck and grey and if your lucky white and im not being racist at all when i say this okay but ...... yeah thats what gravel is on the ground .....

What are the properties of road salt?

I think road salt it made of salt, gravel and sand. The salf lowers the melting point of the snow/ice, so therefore melting it, and the sand and gravel give a car grip.

What keeps a car on a hill at rest?

Its handbreak! Friction between the wheels and the road.

When was West Yorkshire Road Car Company created?

West Yorkshire Road Car Company was created in 1906.