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When shifting a manual (or standard) transmission on a vehicle, if you hear excessive knocking noises immediately after shifting, you are probably:

1) Shifting into the next highest gear too soon, or
2) Shifting into the wrong gear - for example, going from 2nd to 4th gear, or
3) Not running the engine fast enough after shifting to the next highest gear, or
4) Your engine is out of tune if you know you're doing steps 1,2 and 3 correctly

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Q: When I shift my car I have noticed a knocking noise. Do I need a tune up?
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What would cause a knocking noise when you use your brakes in the car?

Typically, a knocking noise when to use your brakes in the car is caused by your brakes wearing down. This means you need to get them checked out and repaired.

What would cause a loud knocking noise in the front of the car when you accelerate?

you may have a rod knocking and you need to take it to a shop asap

What would cause a knocking or clunking noise from rear tires when turning?

You probably need your bearings repacked

What is the knocking noise vehicle is making?

Depends on where the noise is originating from, a suspension component, engine (top or bottom?), steering knocking when turning, going over bumps, etc. You need to provide more details before I can point you in the right direction.

What is wrong if an engine is making a knocking noise on a Yamaha raptor 350?

It may need oil? Or motor needs rebuilt.

What would cause your 1989 buick park avenue to knock?

== == I do believe if you hear a knocking noise that your crank shaft could be failing. Which means you will need a new engine. Have it checked out. Replace the harmonic balancer they will make a bad knocking noise. When you start it and the oil light goes out and it knocks, this is what is wrong with it.

What causes knocking noise from the shocks when you turn wheel?

your shocks or your brake pads are probly loose. You need to check them out. If that's not it then take it to a mechanic.

Drivers side knocking noise?

possible bottom ball joint £17 with delivery on eBay you do not need to change then whole wishbone as i was told

When your 1997 dodge ram 1500 truck is in four wheel drive it makes a knocking noise?

You need to check the u joints at the front wheels.

Why does your 2001 Plymouth neon make a loud knocking noise underneath when you make a sharp turn at a slow speed?

you need to replace your cv shafts, they are going out.

'93 Pontiac grand am engine knocking noise?

my grand am had an engine knocking noise. it was the intake manifold gasket was going bad. it was leaking coolant into my oil. look at your oil to see if it is a white milky color. if it is then you need a new manifold gasket which sucks. it takes a long time to do by yourself. or you can take it to a place that charges you $1000 to do. but if you can. do it yourself

What would cause a knocking noise in the front of auto when you accelerate while turning the wheel?

It sounds like your CV (Constant Velocity) joints are worn and need to be replaced