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Q: What year did they put air condition in cars?
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When was the first air condition put in cars?

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How do you put on a air condition belt on a 1987 vw cabriolet?

how do i put on a air condition belt on a 1987 vw cabroilet?

What chemicals do they put in the air?

Cars put a chemical in the air through their exhaust pipe called carbon monoxide.

What year did car companies start putting computers in cars?

they never really put computers in cars but started putting cars in computers the first chance they got so think smart and not dumb!.......... they do put computers in cars what do you think controls your abs moduel, air bag moduel, and cruse control?

Why did the White House put air condition in?

because they were hot

What air do we put in tires Car tires air?

In standard cars is it simply compressed air. The same mixture we breathe.

What do people do to create polluted air?

Ride cars that consume gas and put other chemicals in the air

How does cars put carbon dioxide into the air?

Burning gasoline releases the carbon dioxide.

Air condition suddenly blows hot air?

Your low on freon, pick some up and have a mechanic put it in for you!

What year did seat belts appear in cars?

It was the first modern seat belt that was put in cars by Volvo in 1959-1960

How much air should you put in your tires?

Most cars take around 32-35psi

Why are catalytic converter being put in cars?

to limit the air pollution the car puts into the atmosphere.