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Let's assume the person to be hit is walking perpendicular to the car, and let's assume that the car is a standard four-door sedan.

10mph: Bruises, maybe a broken leg or a broken arm. If the person falls on their head, a possible skull injury.

20mph: Most likely one broken leg, if not two. If the person falls on their head, a serious skull injury.

40mph: Serious injury. Probable death.

60+mph: Death.

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Q: What will happen if you hit a person with your car?
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Your car was hit while being parked the car is a total loss the person at fault was a commercial truck and had proper documentation. What is going to happen with your car?

Your car is going to be totaled out.

What happen if the car in front of you stop suddenly and you hit the car?

When ever a person hits the car in front of them, they are found at fault. If you hit a car in the rear even though it stops short, you are at fault. You will probably get a ticket and your insurance will go up.

What will be happen if do accident bye hit other person car?

first of all you spelt this qustion all wrong so try again

How do I get my car repaired if the person who hit my car isn't insured?

Have your car repaired through your Insurance Company on your policy. It is then their task to obtain the costs from the person that hit you.

Who is responsible for paying for your damages the car that hit mine or the car that hit that car?

The one responsible for that is the person who own the car that hits your car.

What would happen to my car if I hit a person with it?

well, besides going to jail if this even happened....which wouldn't, it would cause damage to your car cosmetically or genetically. and it would happen two different ways, if it you hit someone and it went underneath your car, it would tare p the "underbelly" of your car resulting in oil leak and your car would be undrivable, if you hit someone and they went up onto your hood, it would crash your windshield and chances are you wouldn't live from it

What would happen if a wallaby gets hit by a car?


If a car hits your car and makes you hit someone walking on the side walk who gets sued?

Who actually gets sued is up to the person that got hit, but ideally the person who hit your car first and not you.

My car was hit while being parked do i have to have insurance for it to be fixed Or does the person that hit my car insurance pay for the damages?

The other person pays.

Can you acidentaly hit another car and not know it causeing the fender of your car to be broken?

I don't see why not if you're a particularly non-perceptive person or happen to be listening to music with the volume up high.

If someone else drives my car and gets hit from behind what will happen?

Well generally, any time a car hits another cars tail end, it is that persons fault. (Usually because they say that the person was not paying attention and did not stop in time to avoid hitting the other car.) However, if the insurance is not also in the name of the person you are letting drive you car, and the person that hit them claims that they(person who got hit) caused it, you car could get towed (about 200 dollars for that) and their could be a trial. But you would not get in any trouble, unless that $200 was for an anniversary present.

How do you collect a claim if the person that hit your car does not own the car?