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The manufacturer could look up the vin and tell you but the paint shop or store will look for a metal plate under the hood usually on the firewall or firewall cowling for the codes to your paint. Also on some vehicles if you look on the drivers dooe or door panel you will find the interior and exterior paint codes.

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Q: What will be the colour code for for my car with VIN 4t1be46k99u383223?
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With the VIN number how do you find out the right color of the car?

Colour code is not normally in the VIN. Most vehicles have a separate colour code plate normall located in the boot Some cars Renault for example have a multi purpose plate showing VIN Engine code Colour code Gross weight etc.

How do you find the colour code for car if theres no code on the car?

Make a car. Choose the RGB. You now have the colour for the car.

How do you find the owner of a car with only a partial reg and colour of the car?

The VIN # plus 'Car Fax'.

Can you determine where your 1991 Dodge Dynasty was originally purchased if you know the VIN code?

All you will know from the VIN code is what plant built the car. The VIN doesn't show anything about where the car was sold from.

Where can I do a vin search online?

To search for a vehicle number, or VIN number, online you can go to and enter in your car information and it will give you a VIN code for you car.

How can you tell by the VIN if the car is a true Super Sport?

Go to "" & enter your VIN code.....

What does the vin number gives reference to?

The vin number tells where the car was built, when it was built, the engine size, the colour of the vehicle etc.

How can you tell which area of the country your car is from?

The Vin should have a code for assembly plant.

Can keyless entry code be obtained using the VIN number?

can I retrieve my keyless code from my VIN number. I know it is on the fuse box, but my car is running and my dogs locked the doors.

Need to unlock code for Hyundai h810ju?


Where can you get paint for your car that matches?

Paint code can be found on a tag on the car or the VIN can be used to figure paint code number. Year of the car and model sometimes dealers can help.

What VIN is engine?

If you are looking for the engine code in the VIN number, it is usually the 5th or the 8th number. Go to your local auto parts store and have them look up your engine, tell them you need to know your VIN code. They will be able to give you options like "It's either A, C, or L" and then look at the VIN number of your car, find the VIN code, and that is what it will always be.