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Colour code is not normally in the VIN.

Most vehicles have a separate colour code plate normall

located in the boot

Some cars Renault for example have a multi purpose plate

showing VIN

Engine code

Colour code

Gross weight etc.

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Q: With the VIN number how do you find out the right color of the car?
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How do you find out what kind of motorcycle you have?

You can decode the VIN number online. Find the VIN on your registration or stamped on the frame, usually right on the neck.

Can you find out your car colour using the reg number?

find color by reading vin number or id plate on vehicle not by reg

Where is the VIN number located on a YZ 125 dirt bike?

You will find the vin on the right hand side of the steering head tube.

Where can you find out a chassis number of a car with the registration number?

do you mean the chassis no. or the vin no.? you can find the chassis no. with the vin. but not with the you can find the vin. with the

How do you find the year of a KX500 with only the VIN number?

on the right side of the steering tube

Where can you find vin numbers on 94 Cadillac?

Vin number plate is always at the bottom drivers side fascia, right under the windscreen.

Where to find vin on rm125?

The vin number is usaully around the right(sitting on the bike) side of the frame neck up by the front forks

how to find the owner of a vehicle using the vin number?

how to find the owner of a vehicle using the vin number

Where to find VIN on 1990 Yamaha four wheeler?

The vin number is on the side of the frame. Drivers side, right by the fender, right where all the dirt is, closest part of the frame to the ground.

Where do you find the VIN on a Polaris snowmobile?

The VIN is stamped into the right side of the track tunnel, there should be a tag there as well with the number on it. The serial number is the VIN number on a snowmobile. If you need more help let me know I know where one is and can go look at it.

Where can I find the specific car paint color name or number on my vehicle?

It really depends on the make of your vehicle. Most car information is contained in he VIN number. It contain the Paint color name and number.

Why can i not find the VIN number on my 94 Yamaha blaster?

its right by the gear shifter kinda under the frame