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997 cm3 39 hp

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Q: What was the performance of Ford Anglia 1959?
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When was Ford Anglia created?

Ford Anglia was created in 1953.

How fast did the Ford anglia go?

Top speed of a For anglia 100E was 71 MpH Ford Anglia 105E was about 75 - 80 MpH A Ford Anglia Super could go a few Miles faster than an ordinary Ford Anglia 105E

When was ITV Anglia created?

ITV Anglia was created on 1959-10-27.

What is the name of the weasley's car?

Its a Ford Anglia ( if that is spelt right )

What type of Muggle car does the Weasley family drive?

It was a blue Ford Anglia

What has the author Denis Kaberry written?

Denis Kaberry has written: 'Ford Anglia 105E, including 1200 and Super Anglia' -- subject(s): Anglia automobile 'Ford 100E Anglia,Prefect and Popular,including Escort and Squire Estate cars and 5-and 7-cwt vans' 'Ford Cortina Mark II' -- subject(s): Ford automobile 'Ford Anglia 105E' -- subject(s): Anglia automobile 'Ford Cortina Mark 1'

What car does Mr Weasley have in Harry Potter?

Before Harry and Ron crashed it into the Whomping Willow and it fled into the Forbidden Forest Mr. Weasley owned a blue Ford Anglia that had been charmed to allow it to fly. An invisibility booster was also installed in the car and charms to vastly expand the size of the inside had been cast on it.

When was the Ford Anglia released?

The Ford Anglia was a British car designed and manufactured by Ford in the UK. The Ford name was applied to 4 models of the car between 1939 and 1967

When was the flying car in Harry Potter made?

The flying car was a Ford Anglia that had magical spells put on it. The model shown in the movie was first made in 1959.

What is the best colour for a Ford Anglia?


Which was the maximum speed of ford anglia 4-cylinder 46HP 1967?

138 mph was the maximum speed of ford anglia 4cyl 46HP 1967.

What colour is the car Harry Potter and Ron Weasley flew to Hogwarts?

It was a blue Ford Anglia that was a bit rusty.