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Q: What type of speed should a driver maintain in wet weather to prevent hydroplaning?
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Hydroplaning may occur when?

Hydroplaning commonly occurs in wet or slippery conditions that a driver is not commonly prepared for. The most dangerous time for driving is 10 minutes after a light rain, and a car hydroplanes due commonly to speeds over 35 mph. The tred in the tire cannot scatter the wet surface of the road quick enough and causes the front tires to skate over a thin film of water, resulting in momentary loss of brakes, steering, and control. When you realize your vehicle is hydroplaning, especially if it's the first time this has happened to you, it can be really terrifying. However, the most important thing to remember is to stay calm. Panicking can result in deadly consequences for both you and the people you share the road with. Ease you foot off the accelerator and firmly hold the steering wheel, steering in the direction of the road. Drive slowly to prevent skidding, and rather than pressing the brakes, pump the brakes slowly. Ways to prevent hydroplaning are simple, such as driving slower in inclement weather conditions, rotating your tires and having the tread checked regularly, and making sure you drive carefully around curves in the road. If possible, follow "dry tracks". Dry tracks are made in rain or snow by the car in front of you as their tires leave behind tracks that are safer to travel on.

Can a driver lose control of a vehicle in 6 inches of water?

Yes. Water on a road causes something called hydroplaning, which makes it very difficult or impossible to steer, brake, or accelerate.

How maintain your car?

follow the advice in the driver's manual.

When can A driver refuse to drive with out air in eighty or ninety degree weather?

It's always up to the driver.

What could a driver do to prevent flying out of his windshield in an accident?

where a seatbelt

Who is at fault when driver A spins out on the freeway from slick roads and driver B hits driver A?

Both drivers failed to maintain proper control of their vehicles. Driver A lost control. Driver B failed to avoid the collision.

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A driver must reduce speed and adjust to changing conditions in?

adverse weather

What is the intended purpose of an airbag?

To prevent injury by cushioning the driver and passengers from impact.

What is the difference between an ABS and an Airbag?

ABS stands for Anti-lock breaks. A feature on many new cars that prevents wheels locking and skidding when an emergency stop is required for instance. This allows the driver to maintain greater control of the car. Airbags are discreetly fitted in vehicles to help prevent the result of a collision. These bags inflate cushioning the passengers and driver

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