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Yes. Water on a road causes something called hydroplaning, which makes it very difficult or impossible to steer, brake, or accelerate.

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Q: Can a driver lose control of a vehicle in 6 inches of water?
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Moving water as shallow as inches can carry away a standard sized vehicle?


My 1998 dodge avenger was run through 5 inches of water. There is no water in the motor. What could be wrong with it?

Since you didn't say what the vehicle is or isn't doing, I can not answer.

Is Hydroplaning a safe driving technique?

No, Hydroplaning is not safe, because when a vehicle is in this condition, there is a "cushion" of water between the tires and the road limiting traction allowing the vehicle to skid out of control.

How many inches water equal 29.92 inches mercury?

29.92 inches of mercury = ~406.78 inches of water.

How much water does it take to lose control of the vehicle?

I dont think there is a set amount, it only takes enough water for one or more tires to lose traction with the road.

What is epc on a jetta?

The EPC on a Jetta is the electronic powertrain control system. This is the traction system of the vehicle that detects if you are on ice or water covered roadways.

How many inches of water can float a car?

6 inches of water No 6 inches of water can cause you to loose traction and hydroplane but 24 inches of water is needed to actually float the car

Covert inches of water to psi?

Inches of water x 0.03613 = psi

Where is the heater control valve located on the 2002 Chevy blazer?

The heater control valve (HCV) is a very important component to a vehicle's water cooling and climate control systems. The HCV itself for this application can be found inline to the heater core lines.

Do you have to have water in your vehicle when traveling in the desert?

It is a good idea to have water with you. What happens if your vehicle breaks down and you have no water?

What does it mean when a car hydroplane?

Hydroplaning is when water builds up under your tires and the rubber loses contact with the road surface, and you have no control over the vehicle. Ease off of the accelerator pedal until you regain control.

How do you install a water pump belt on a 2000 Chevy Tracker?

The water pump should be along the serpentine belt. Refer to how to change a driveline belt at this site. The water pump should be located to the right(driver side) of the vehicle and it should be at the highest position on that side.