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Air pressure is dependant on the vehicle NOT the tires. If you had a 1970's Jeep CJ 4 cylinder, it might only need 24-25 PSI. But if you had 1 1980's Blazer full size, it might need 35-41 PSI. And it could be that you try to put it on an Excursion (not actually possible, but for discussion sake only) and you couldn't safely put ENOUGH air in it!

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Q: What should the air pressure be on 31x10.50R15 tires?
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A taxi driver wishes to increase his fares by adjusting the air pressure in his tires. Should he inflate the tires at low pressure or high pressure?

Low pressure.

Why should you fill less air in the tires in summer?

No -- Keep the same recommended air pressure in your tires at all times, but check and add air when the tires are cool and have not been running. Use a tire pressure gauge.

How much air pressure should be in tires on a forklift?

The recommended pressure that is printed on every tire.

What is the air pressure for 16 inch tires?

34 PSI, but I the tires should have the suggested PSI written on the side of them.

Why should you check your tires when the temperature changes?

temperature affects air pressure when it is cold air pressure decreases when it gets warm air pressures rises

Does Tire pressure increases as the tires get hot?

When you drive, your tires get warmer, causing the air pressure within them to increase. Your tires can get warm after just 1 mile of driving. you should always check your tire inflation pressure when your tires are cold, and inflate them to the recommended pressure at that time.

Why should people check the air pressure in their tires in winter?

In the winter, tires tend to loose capacity and shrink. Therefore making the air level decrease.

How much air pressure should you keep in tires for Toyota Avalon 1997?


How much air pressure should you have in my tires for astra 1.7 cdti 52 plae?

Different tires from different manufactures run at different pressures. On the sidewall, it should tell what the pressure should be for that particular tire.

What should the air pressure be on 31x10.50R15 on a 1999 dodge durango?

Tires will have the maximum recommended air pressure embossed on the sidewalls of the tires themselves. The car manufacturer will have the recommended tire pressure on a label on the drivers door jamb and in the owners manual. This is what to set them at.

How much air pressure should be in 22 inch tires on a Nissan Armada?

38 psi

Recommended air pressure in radial tyres of santro car?

The recommended air pressure for the radial tires on your Santro automobile is 28 pounds. The air pressure should be measured before the car is driven.