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No -- Keep the same recommended air pressure in your tires at all times, but check and add air when the tires are cool and have not been running. Use a tire pressure gauge.

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Q: Why should you fill less air in the tires in summer?
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Tires and Hybrid Vans?

When purchasing a hybrid van, keep in mind that tires make a huge difference in fuel efficiency. While you're shopping for your new van, you should ask how energy efficient the tires are. Keeping tires at their recommended fill-pressure levels also makes a huge difference. The fuel economy of a vehicle is greatly impacted by rolling resistance. On the other hand, larger tires and rims are less aerodynamic and create more resistance.

Why might the tires on a car become flat after sitting in the cold weather?

When air cools, it becomes denser and actually shrinks. If you check the tire pressure when cold and tire pressure when hot, you'll see that the tire pressure is higher when the tires are warm. Your tires were probably borderline low before the temperature changed. To minimize the effect, you can fill your tires with nitrogen instead. The pressure will fluctuate less. Check the pressure in your tires every time you fill up. You'll get better gas mileage, and your tires will last longer if you maintain the correct pressure in them.

Should you always fill the gas tank to full?

Yes ... less chance for evaporation.

Where can you find discount tires?

Discount tires can be found at your local tire repair shop. but do note some times the price is the same if not less buying brand new. Tires should not be used they shoould be bought new.

Which tires produce less friction?

Narrower tires with harder rubber

What should you do if there is a small sinkhole in front of your house This is the second one in less than a year?

you should call a professinol to fill it up. if you don't want to fill it up with dirt

When parallel parking your tires should always be how many inches away from the curb?

Less than 12 inches.

What is the average price to have a set of used tractor tires retreaded?

The average price to have a set of used tractor tires retreaded is around $100 - $150 dollars per tire. Retreaded tires should only be considered if the tires are less than 5 years old.

Where can I buy tires and brakes?

If you are wanting to buy some new tires and new brakes for your new care and do not know where to buy new stuff, then you should take a look a Car Accessories For Less.

When should you fill up a basketball?

You should start pumping a basketball with air when it rebounds less than half the height where you dropped it from.

Are Primewell tires good?

no they aren't. I bought a set last summer and have put less than 7000 miles on them and the front 2 are worn out. I don't speed, don't drive recklessly, and am a good driver. 7000 miles out of a set of tires with a 40k warranty is pathetic

Car Tires For The Season?

It is very important to have the correct car tires for the season. There are some car tires that are meant for the summer, with less tread, that promote faster speed and better gas mileage. There are other car tires that are meant for the winter, with deeper tread for gripping the snowy roads. There are even tires that are designed to work well in the water, with special tread that pushes the water from puddles off to the sides of the tires so that the car will not hydroplane and crash. Since all of these are so different, and so adjusted to do exactly what they need to do, it is crucial to have the right tires for the weather that you are driving in. The problem with running a car with summer tires in the winter -- something that many people do to save money, unknowingly putting themselves in a lot of danger -- is that the car tires for the summer do not have deep enough tread patterns to grip in the snow and ice. This can lead to a number of problems, such as your car failing to brake when you depress the brake pedal. The tires will stop as they are supposed to, but they will just slide along over the ice after they have stopped. You car will also be more prone to spinning on the highway, or to losing traction in the slush and plunging off the road. This can easily be fixed by having different car tires for different seasons. It is not so much of a problem to run a car in the summer with winter car tires, at least not in terms of danger to your life. The biggest reason you would not want to do it is that the winter tires are expensive, and you will be wearing them out on the summer roads. This is a waste of the investment, and means also that the winter car tires will not be in their best condition when the winter comes around. Therefore, it is best to have a set of summer car tires and another set of tires for the winter.