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It needs to be in good shape.

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2012-05-20 19:34:03
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Q: What shape does a car have to be to go fast?
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How fast can a car go per mile?

Depends on the size, shape, weight and engine of the car, and the weather conditions

How do you go fast in a drag race?

If you are in a drag race, the weather and type of car you are driving may play a factor in how fast you can go. Having the proper shape of car with nothing on the outside of your car like a sail, will make you go faster.

How does the shape of a car affect its speed?

Well aerodynamics are one thing because if you have a car shape like the Nissan Cube it will not go as fast because of it boxy shape but if you have a car shape like like the Lamborghini Gallardo air flow will be easier to go around the car making the go faster but if you do have a car shape like the Gallardo there will be a lot of down force because it is a super car so, yep.

How fast is the wave board?

as fast as you can make it go or if you get pulled along by a car on 1 you can go as fast as the car can go

How fast can your car go?

Depends on what car you have.

Why are car fast?

the actual car is not fast, it is the human driving that decides to make it go "fast"

How does the shape of a car make it faster?

the shape of the car is vital when designing because if you want a high speed car then it has to be aerodynamic this makes it easier for the air to go around the car and stops it from having drag drag is the force of the air that is pushing on a car if you want a fast car you need less drag

How fast can a car go with 224 horsepower?

about that fast

Is a 5 cylinder car fast?

It depends what your definition of fast is. Most any car can go fast.

How fast does a formula 1 car go?

around 350km/hr...that fast a formula one car can go

Can a solar car go as fast as gas car?


How fast can a 1930 car go?

Same with any car, as fast as you can afford to make it. :)

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