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Generally the only requirement is that you have a clear title to the car you are donating to the charity.

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Q: What requirements must be fulfilled to donate junk cars?
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What types of places allow one to donate junk cars?

You can donate or sell your junk car to a local junk yard. All you have to do is call and they can pick it up for you and you have the option to donate or sell your car.

Where do they accept donations of junk cars?

Sometimes salvation army does. Other wise many junk yards have a way to let you donate them on site.

What kind of proof do I need to get a tax credit if I donate junk cars?

You will need the receipt from an authorized dealer or organization

Where can I find information about how to donate junk cars?

Contact your local VOA, they take and inform you of all tax info.

What organizations accept junk car donations in Sacramento California?

Cars for Breast Cancer, Cars for United States Troops, and Purple Heart Cars are nationwide organizations that accept junk cars as donations. Donation Line and Action Donate both have locations in Sacramento, CA as well.

Where do you go to donate old junk cars in the Marlton, NJ area?

You can visit for information on donatiing your car.

What charities allow people to donate junk cars?

Before donating to any charity one should be sure that the charity is a legitimate charity. Charities that allow people to donate juk cars include Habitat for Humanity, Opportunity Cars, Vehicles for Change, and CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program.

I know some charities let you donate junk cars, but do they really want cars that run ok?

Absolutely. They PREFER cars that run, as they can actually be used for charitiable functions or sold for more than a junker.

Can I donate junk cars as a tax writeoff?

Yes, there is a couple new options for donating your car for a tax writeoff. For example, you can donate your car to the veterans and they will even come and pick it up from you and you get to write it off.

What are some charities that I can donate junk cars to? is a great place to start. They can certainly send you in the right direction. Also, take a look at

What are some companies that buy junk cars?

There are many companies that buy junk cars. Fast Cash for Junk Cars, Junk the Car, On the Road Salvage, and Copart Direct are all companies that buy junk cars.

Are there any programs that offer tax deductions when you donate junk cars?

Yes, one of the most popular is 1800 Charity Cars. You can only claim on your taxes the actual price of the car and you must also itemize your tax return.