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Before donating to any charity one should be sure that the charity is a legitimate charity. Charities that allow people to donate juk cars include Habitat for Humanity, Opportunity Cars, Vehicles for Change, and CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program.

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Q: What charities allow people to donate junk cars?
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Where can one donate their car to charity?

One could donate their car to many charities. Some of these charities websites include: Cars For Breast Cancer, Vehicles for Charity, Donation Line, and Cars For Veterans.

Which charities have car donation programs?

Angelcar is a great charity that you can donate your cars to.

How much does Jay Leno donate to charities?

Give to his favorite charity, HIMSELF. He constantly buys himself cars.

Which charities accept RV donations for tax purposes?

There are several charities that will accept RV or car donations, such as Action Donation Services. Similarly, other charities such as 'Donate A Car' also accept cars.

Can I make car donations to any charity?

not all charities accept cars. you can donate a car to local high school auto depqrtment or specific car donatable charities

I know some charities let you donate junk cars, but do they really want cars that run ok?

Absolutely. They PREFER cars that run, as they can actually be used for charitiable functions or sold for more than a junker.

Where can you donate your car?

You can donate your car to many charities including Donate Car USA, Purple Heart, Habitat for Humanity, or Cars Helping America, just to name a few. Regardless of where you donate your car, you should be able to receive a tax credit for your next tax return.

What are some charities that I can donate junk cars to? is a great place to start. They can certainly send you in the right direction. Also, take a look at

Where can someone find out where how they can donate a car to charity?

Donating a car to charity is a great way to give. Not only does it help the charity, but it is also tax deductible. How you can donate your car is as easy as a quick phone call, or you can even find information on the charities website. Most charities accept cars for donation.

Where could one donate a car if one was Jewish?

Jewish people just like every other person can donate cars on websites like Kidney Cars, American Diabetes Association, Donate A Car or Cars for a Cure.

Which organizations must I contact, in order to start the process of donating a car?

To donate a car you can contact your local Goodwill, or you can contact Cars 4 Causes, at 1-800-766-CARE, and they will give you a list of charities to donate to.

What types of places allow one to donate junk cars?

You can donate or sell your junk car to a local junk yard. All you have to do is call and they can pick it up for you and you have the option to donate or sell your car.

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