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It incress the present milage by 5-7 km in petrol Micheal 9310584008

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Q: What mileage does a cng give if fitted in a car?
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How much mileage does 1 kg of CNG gives in a car?

Whatever mileage you are getting on petrol...CNG gives you +5 Kms of that.. So on a full tank of 8 KGS, ideally a car runs for 160 kms..i.e 20 kms per kg. ~Manu

Why CNG is preferred over LPG in cars?

CNG is cheaper. CNG gives more mileage. CNG is the best as it is eco frendily.

What is the mileage of tata indica cng car?

Its 22 approx per kilo depending upon your driving conditions.

What is the best car with CNG?

in India the best cng car is A maruti wagon r cng.

Can CNG be fitted in Estilo?

Yes, I installed LOVATO MAKE CNG kit in my Maruti Zen Estilo one month Back. With petrol, the average mileage was around 18.5 km per litre with petrol, after converting to CNG, I am getting ~30 km per kg with CNG. I have reduced the fuel cost extensively and also pollution using petrol to atmosphere. I request the people to convert their petrol based cars to CNG one. - GOVINDAN - 9820627163

Is there any disadvantages for CNG fitted car?

I think wn convert the Gasoline to CNG it shall run dry and experience harsh engine and some power loss, as valve and allied movable parts in the exhaust shall not receive any lubrication.

We get only lpg in car?

CNG & Only CNG Micheal 9310584008

Can a car run with the both LPG and CNG?

yes, a car with gasoline engine can run with petrol,cng, and lpg.

Can cng car run on lpg?


Is it advisable to put cng in a petrol car?

cng is advisable because it is easily avaliable andless polluted

Can you run your CNG car on LPG?


What is the general average of CNG wagon-r car?

General average for Wagon R CNG is around 10 KM