What is the general average of CNG wagon-r car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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General average for Wagon R CNG is around 10 KM

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Q: What is the general average of CNG wagon-r car?
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What does r stand for in wagonr car by maruti?


What is the best car with CNG?

in India the best cng car is A maruti wagon r cng.

We get only lpg in car?

CNG & Only CNG Micheal 9310584008

Can a car run with the both LPG and CNG?

yes, a car with gasoline engine can run with petrol,cng, and lpg.

Can cng car run on lpg?


Can you run your CNG car on LPG?


Is it advisable to put cng in a petrol car?

cng is advisable because it is easily avaliable andless polluted

Is the gas you put in your car a gas or liquid?

It's a liquid, unless you have a CNG car.

How do you control engine vibration on cng car?

If your vendor is nearby you can take your vehicle there, if not, there is a small nob in the cng (you should see when your mechanic adjusts it) which you can adjust yourself in emergency

Can we Toyota Platz with Automatic transmission on CNG?

Yes! any car can be converted to Compressed Natural Gas. I have a 2000 Platz in Karachi Pakistan converted to CNG and running good.

Is hummer h2 a fuel efficient car?

its obvious that its not exept if you can find a hybrid or cng

What are cng cars?

A CNG car is an automobile that is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). In the United States, the only CNG car that is currently manufactured and sold as a new vehicle is the Honda Civic GX, which has been in production for 12 years. Natural gas cars are much cleaner burning cars than either gasoline or diesel engines. These CNG engines will also last much longer than gasoline engines. It is possible to convert gasoline engines to run on CNG. Although the conversion is somewhat pricey, the savings in fuel costs can offset this expense within a couple of years or so.