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If your vendor is nearby you can take your vehicle there, if not, there is a small nob in the cng (you should see when your mechanic adjusts it) which you can adjust yourself in emergency

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Q: How do you control engine vibration on cng car?
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Can a car run with the both LPG and CNG?

yes, a car with gasoline engine can run with petrol,cng, and lpg.

Can you use CNG in car if car engine made for lpg?

Indian engine are made for pertol only Micheal 9310584008

What is the best car with CNG?

in India the best cng car is A maruti wagon r cng.

How cng engine works?

extended interval oil for CNG/gasoline engine (bi-fuel engine)

How CNG work?

extended interval oil for CNG/gasoline engine (bi-fuel engine)

What is the reason of miss firing in a CNG engine whats the solution of this problem. why an engine does not take pickup while in CNG rather than petrol?

It might be due to pluges get it changed and for pickup you need lamda control system Micheal 9310584008

We get only lpg in car?

CNG & Only CNG Micheal 9310584008

Check Engine Light on cng?

Not sure what you mean cng, but if you are talking about your check engine light on your car it means, you need to go to a car repair shop(the type you have if possible) and they'll put it on a computer that tells what is wrong. Can be a lot of things!!First you can see if you have enough oil in your car, and check all the fluids. But after that it could be a lot of things, from a missing fuse(under $1 to fix up to worst case , a cracked engine- which might not be worth fixing) If you have an oxygen sensor in your vehicle running on cng can trigger that which causes your check engine light to come on.

Is petrol used in a car engine?

In some cars, yes. Some use diesel, some use LPG or CNG.

Can diesel engine be started with CNG?


What is burnt in the car engine to release energy for the car to move?

A mixture of fuel (such as petrol/unleaded gasoline, diesel, LPG or CNG, E85, etc.) and air.

Can cng car run on lpg?