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Wide open throttle (WOT) is a term used for any engine when the accelerator is held to the floor and the throttle plate(s) are wide open.

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Q: What is wide open throttle for a mercury force 40 hp?
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Which governor component applies force to the throttle shaft in an effort to move it to the wide open throttle position?

governed idle spring

What is a Wide open throttle switch for 87 Jeep Wrangler?

the wide open throttle switch sends a signl at wide open throttle the the ecm to richen the mixture by widening the injector pulse, keeping the injector open a bit longer

What is 'wot' when dealing with a car engine?

Wide Open Throttle.

What does a throttle switch on a 350 banshee do?

The switch is to limit the engine RPM if the throttle sticks wide open.

Why does your motor stick at wide open throttle?

Something is in a bind or you have a computer issue.

Accelerator pump adjustment on demon carb?

About 1/64" from bottoming out when throttle is wide open.

Carb stays wide open on my yard machine mower.?

Throttle cable may be stuck

How many RPM's are common for chainsaws?

Between 9000 and 14000 RPM at wide open throttle no load.

What is the difference between a throttle position sensor and a throttle position switch?

A TPS is a variable resistor that tells the engine computer the absolute throttle opening percentage. A switch tells the system when the throttle is wide open for enrichment purposes.

In a Jeep What could cause the throttle to be stuck wide open after reinstalling exuast and intake manifolds?

check your throttle linkage. it may be stuck open and make your adjustments from there. this is located at the top of your motor attached to the carburators.

Is it better to run the throttle to a turbo diesel engine wide open or at minimum throttle?

It depends on the load placed on the engine. You won't get a lot of additional horsepower, or "boost" from the turbo unless the engine is working - as in pulling a heavy load or operating hydraulics etc. You can run the throttle wide open, but if the engine is just running, and the machine it's installed in is not moving then you're just burning fuel. Other than that, more load=more throttle.

What happens to the plane's air speed when the throttle is opened wide?

When the throttle is opened wide, it accelerates down the runway.