What is used car certified mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A certified used car is a car that usually has a predetermined check list that has to performed, and if anything is found wrong while performing this inspection, the problems are suppose to be repaired.

The dealership should have a copy of the inspection sheet of file for you to review, but you will have to ask to see it,

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Has a warranty on it

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Q: What is used car certified mean?
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What is a sentence with certified used car?

I bought my very own certified used car last week.

Can a dealer sell you a car that is not certified?

Yes. Most used cars are not certified. You can also refuse to buy a car that is not certified. Certified used cars normally have a great warranty. Sometimes even better than a new car.

Where could one find out about purchasing a certified used Toyota car or truck?

You can find out about purchasing a certified used Toyota vehicle such as a car or truck by going to your local car dealership and inquiring about what certified used vehicles they have. You can also check a site such as Toyota Certified.

How can I tell if a vehicle is certified used?

A car that is certified used will have a label from the auto dealership showing the designation. Be warned, however, that certified used does not always come with a warranty, and a mechanic should inspect any used car you are considering purchasing.

Is it legal to sell a certified used car with a cracked windshield?

"certified" used car is a marketing tool not a law. What did they certify? That the car was used or did they certify that it had a cracked windshield. You need to clarify with the dealer what they are certifying.

Where can one purchase certified used Hondas?

You can purchase a certified used Honda car at your local car dealership. If you would prefer to purchase the car online, you can try a service such as AutoTrader.

Where can you buy a certified used car in Durham NC?

Durham has many options you could choose from when shopping for a used car. However, only some Dealership offer Certified used cars. Almost every new car dealer sells Certified Used Cars. Check around.

How can I check for certified used car dealerships?

Most major dealership websites will give you locations for their certified used car dealerships. will also give you information about used cars.

Where can you buy a certified car?

A certified car can be bought from a car dealership. A certified car is a car that has been inspected by a licensed car inspector and it has an extended warranty.

Can you return a used car in California?

One can return a used car in California. This is if a used car buyer has obtained a two-day contract cancellation option, and the used car is advertised as certified.

What are the advantages of certified used cars?

Certified used cars have several advantages. When a used car is certified, it means that it has been inspected and cleaned. This makes certified used cars better than just regular used cars, as you can't be a hundred percent sure that it is safe and in good condition.

Where can I buy a certified used car?

Most auto dealers sell certified used cars that should be in good condition. Try any dealer: Ford Used Vehicles, Toyota Certified Used Vehicles or even GMC Used Cars.