Where can you buy a certified car?

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A certified car can be bought from a car dealership. A certified car is a car that has been inspected by a licensed car inspector and it has an extended warranty.

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You can buy a certified car from a a good dealer.

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Q: Where can you buy a certified car?
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Can a dealer sell you a car that is not certified?

Yes. Most used cars are not certified. You can also refuse to buy a car that is not certified. Certified used cars normally have a great warranty. Sometimes even better than a new car.

What do I need to do to buy a car from a private party?

Cash or certified check

Why is it important to buy cars from certified auto dealers?

It is important to buy a car from a certified auto dealer because they are required to tell the buyer everything that has happened to that car, like wrecks and accidents. Auto dealers that are not certified will likely hide these things, deceiving one into buying a car this is not worth it's price.

Where can you buy a certified used car in Durham NC?

Durham has many options you could choose from when shopping for a used car. However, only some Dealership offer Certified used cars. Almost every new car dealer sells Certified Used Cars. Check around.

What are good reasons to buy a used car?

Used cars are generally cheaper to purchase and to provide insurance for. Frequently, you can buy a certified used car, which would include a warranty, you can easily trace the history of a used car and you can buy from a private party.

What are 'certified cars'?

They are used cars that the dealer has gone over and Certified to be in tip top condition. Great buy, better warranty than a new car for less money.

What reasons are there to buy a used Honda Civic?

There are many reasons to buy a used Honda Civic, the best reason is that Honda comes with a pre-owned certified warranty. The car is certified that it is in great working condition, so no one has to worry.

What is a sentence with certified used car?

I bought my very own certified used car last week.

What does wifi certified when you buy a laptop?

Means it is certified to use WIfi

Does a certified preowned car fall under lemon car laws?

If you plan to buy a used car, buy from a reputable dealer. If you purchase one from a new car dealership, the car will likely come with either the balance of the original manufacturer's warranty, or a second warranty backed up by the manufacturer and the dealer. It costs more to buy a used car from a new car dealer, but if you're concerned about being protected in case you buy a lemon, then it really is your best option. There's also another good reason to buy a certified preowned used car... The answer to your question if NO. A use car does not fall under the lemon law in any state I know of. That law only applies to new cars that are not preowned.

Where can I buy a certified used car?

Most auto dealers sell certified used cars that should be in good condition. Try any dealer: Ford Used Vehicles, Toyota Certified Used Vehicles or even GMC Used Cars.

What is good new car or used car?

If you have good amount of money to buy "New Car" then buy new car, but if you are on a tight budget and want to be practical then buy "used car".In my opinion, I would buy new car!In my opinion the best buy is a 1 year old Certified Used car with very low mileage. You same lots of money, get as good and sometimes better warranty than even new, and still have a car that is practically new. All in all that is a great deal.

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