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Typically 16 - 18,000 lbs, all things dependent. I've run heavy haul units which have weighed up to 25k.

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Q: What is unladen weight of Peterbilt Truck Model 379?
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What is tare weight in trucking?

The weight of the truck/truck trailer when it is unladen (empty) .

How much oil does a Peterbilt truck hold?

That depends on what model of truck it is, and what motor it has in it.

What is the maximum laden weight of a truck that has unladen weight of 12 tons?

14 tonne 14 tonne

What is the gross weight of a peterbuilt truck?

Peterbilt manufactures trucks in weight classes 5 through 8. A Class 5 truck has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 16,501 - 19,000 lbs. A Class 6 truck has a GVWR of 19,001 - 26,000 lbs. A Class 7 truck has a GVWR of 26,001 - 33,000 lbs. A Class 8 truck has a GVWR of 33,001 lbs. and up. Which one you have in mind depends on what model and configuration of Peterbilt truck you had in mind.

What is the most popular peterbilt truck model?

It is without a doubt the: 379

How do you install peterbilt water pump?

Depends on the make and model of the engine, not the truck.

What exactly is the Peterbilt 359?

The Peterbilt 359 is the name of a particular model truck which was last produced in 1987. Its price ranges from $10,000 up to $225,000 for the latest model.

How do you aim the headlights on a 2008 Peterbilt truck?

Different models of Peterbilt have different headlight assemblies. We need to know which model you're referring to.

What is the unladen weight of a 2005 Mack 3 axle truck roll off?

22,000 - 25,000 lbs or so.

What are the pro's and cons to a Peterbilt truck?

This model of truck seems to have good opinions of it from people who drive it regularly. has more details on specific attributes of this model.

What truck is tougher peterbilt or western star?

Overall, a Western star truck is a tougher truck than a Peterbilt.

Where can you get a service manual for your 2005 peterbilt truck?

Try a Peterbilt dealership.