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Half inch to one inch

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Q: What is the width of a 195 tire compared to a 215 tire?
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How do you figure out a width of a tire?

Look on the side of the tire and you will see a set of number such as 195/50 17R. The first number, in this case 195, is the tread width in millimeters.

Can 235 width tire sub for a 215 width tire?

It usually can

Can i use p215 60 r 15 tires instead of p195 60 r15 tires?

Firstly, It depends on the width of your rim, a 195 is typically best suited to a 7" rim whereas a 215 is typically suited to an 8" rim. If 195 was the stock tire size then it is most likely a 7" rim and a 215 will fit width wise but will stick out more and may rub on your inner fenders if there isn't enough clearance. As for a 195/60 compared to a 215/ 60, the tire is around an inch larger in diameter which will cause your speedometer to need to be recalibrated. If you got a 215/55/15 it would only be .1 inch larger which would keep your speedometer readings nearly the same.

Can you use a 215 tire on a 195 wheel?

Shouldn't be a problem if the rim size is the same.

What is the difference between a 205 and a 215 tire?

The width, by 10 mm

What is tire size on a 2003 dodge grand caravan?

215/70R15 (215 - height - 70 Width) R15 - rim size.

215/70r15 IT IS MY VAN'S TIRE SIZE MY VAN IS 1998 PONTiAC TRANS SPORT MONTANA CAN IREPLACE 195/65r15 tire with rim to my 1998 Pontiac trans sport Montana van?

The 195's are a l skinner then the 215's across the tread and will cause damage to the sidewalk and eventually the tire will fail. It will also cause a tire to ware out

What tire is smaller 21560R15 or P22560R15?

215 60 r15 is smaller, 215 being the width of the tyre, 60 being the height of the wall (% of the width) and r15 being the radius of the wheel

What is the difference in a 215-75-15 tire and a 225-75-15 tire?

10 cm of tread width is thee difference

205 55r 16 tires vs 215 55r16?

The only difference is that 215 tires are taller. The first number in the name (215) indicates the tire sidewall height, the second part (55) is the tire tread width, the third part (r) shows that the tire is a radial tire, and the fourth part (16) indicates the rim size.

What is the factory tire size for a 1993 Nissan pickup?

E series: 215-75R-14; SE series: 195-75-R14

Can 205 width tire sub for a 215 width tire?

Not if the OE is 215. A 205 could be too narrow for the rim. Depending on what type of vehicle it is you may be able to go up to a 225 but then the middle number must drop by 5. Example: 215/65/R15 could be replaced with a 225/60R15. Again it depends on the make model and year of the vehicle.