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Firstly, It depends on the width of your rim, a 195 is typically best suited to a 7" rim whereas a 215 is typically suited to an 8" rim. If 195 was the stock tire size then it is most likely a 7" rim and a 215 will fit width wise but will stick out more and may rub on your inner fenders if there isn't enough clearance. As for a 195/60 compared to a 215/ 60, the tire is around an inch larger in diameter which will cause your speedometer to need to be recalibrated. If you got a 215/55/15 it would only be .1 inch larger which would keep your speedometer readings nearly the same.

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Q: Can i use p215 60 r 15 tires instead of p195 60 r15 tires?
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Can you use P215 60 R15 tires instead of P195 60 R15 tires?

Yes, you can.

What vehicles use P195 75 R15 tires?

Lots of vehicles use this size tire.

What is tire pressure for p195 60 r15 tires?

Read the tire placard on your door jam or the owners manual.

What is the wheel size for a 1998 Chevy cavalier Z24 convertable?

The stock wheels are 15" by 6" with P195/65 R15 tires.

What is tire size p195 60 r15 to P195 65 r15 speedometer change?

At 60 mph the speedometer will read 58.1 mph.

What size are the tires for a 1991 Dodge Shadow?

The specs call for an original tire of P195-60-R15, but mine has 14" tires. Odd size of lug nuts as well.

Can you replace a 255 70 r15 with a 255 60 r15?

can i replace a p255/60 r15 with a p215/70 r15

Can you replace P205 65 R15 with P195 60 R15 tires?

They would be shorter and that would affect speedometer accuracy.They would be shorter and that would affect speedometer accuracy.

What is the size difference between a p225 70 r15 and a p215 70 r15 tire?

The P215 / 70 / R15 is 26.9 inches in diameter and the section width is 8.5 inches The P225 / 70 / R15 is 27.4 inches in diameter and the section width is 8.9 inches

Can I use P195 60 R15 tires instead of P215 60 R15 tires?

Can you? Yes, you can but I would not recommend it. By doing this you will decrease the diameter of the tire/wheel by 1". This will cause your speedometer read 2.3 mph too fast at 60 mph. Your engine will also turn 32 rpm's more at 60 mph, which will cause your vehicle to use more fuel and get less mpg. If you want to change the size to a narrower tire then go with a 195/65-15 which would be almost the same diameter. Or if you wish to go with a wider tire then a 225/55-15 will work well.

What is the tire size for Pontiac Sunfire 2002?

Two sizes were used, P195/65-R15 & P195/70-R14

Stock tire size for 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier?

P195 r15